Princeton Lakes HOA

February 2018

Notice of Annual Meeting

All HOA Members were sent by mail an official notice of the Princeton Lakes Homeowners Association Annual Meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. Sign in begins at 6:45 p.m.

If you do not plan to attend the meeting, please return your proxy ballot no later than 3:00 p.m. on February 25, 2018. Return by fax to (770)444-3376, attn: Princeton Lakes Proxy or by email to

Note from the President

Neighbors, we wanted to share some exciting news with the you! Princeton Lakes is a HOT topic! The Princeton Lakes 10 and under Boys Tennis team was recognized in the latest issue of ALTA Magazine for their winning season, going all the way to take the City Finals. The neighborhood was also featured in the February issue of Atlanta Magazine as one of the HOT neighborhoods in the Greater Atlanta area. The article noted its appeal citing property sizes, school district and overall value. It also quoted resident, Kathy Hanks, “What we love about Princeton Lakes is that we’re now seeing the ‘next generation.’ Families ae buying homes for the same reasons we did (in 1999): tons of children and social activities, a six-lane swimming pool, four tennis courts, reasonable HOA fees, multiple youth and adult tennis teams, an active social calendar.” The full article was posted to our Facebook Page: Princeton Lakes Homeowner’s Associate, please join us there!

This quote embodies the spirit of Princeton Lakes and is a great theme as we kick off another year! We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting on February 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

It’s been a great first year for the new board and I thank everyone for all their time volunteering to make our community even better. We have lots of projects coming up throughout the next 12 months, please be on the lookout for volunteer opportunities!

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Mark Paulsen

Note from the Vice-President

2017 was a busy year for The Princeton HOA. Here is a recap of completed and current projects the board is focused on:


WHAT HAPPENED: On Jan 2, A water pipe broke in the clubhouse bathroom. We estimate water poured in PLCH for 6+ hours. By the time it was discovered, there was around 3” of water covering the floor.

We immediately contacted our insurance provider and got an emergency water crew out to mitigate as much damage as possible. Once the insurance company was able to assess the damage we began efforts to begin repair and clean up, getting several quotes from contractors and starting to price out different types of flooring materials, etc.

CURRENT STATUS: Servpro completed the water removal process. PLCH is dry. Water pipe is fixed. The contractor is currently onsite repairing walls the walls, prepping the floor and replacing the bathroom vanity. While this was not something we were hoping for, it did present a nice opportunity to update a few areas of the club house, such as the flooring and paint – there are many new durable options out there! We are hoping PLCH will return to normal by the first week in February.

A few of the projects that were completed:

1. Resurfacing the pool deck. Steven Patrick did a great job supervising this project.

2. Replaced the Club House HVAC System after discovering a crack and determining the current system had reached the end of its lifecycle.

3. With the help of several neighborhood volunteers, we created a rock drainage system by the picnic tables to direct run off. Thanks to Phil Laney for coordinating this project.

4. General landscaping on Princeton Lakes Drive, Club House and pool. Thanks to the many residents who helped with putting out hundreds of bails of pine straw and tons of mulch.

5. Fixed Lights on Princeton Lakes Drive.

6. Clean up neighborhood from several storms. We had a HUGE turnout from PLHA to help with this effort.

2018 Projects:

1. Finish inside pool coating. This should be completed in March.

2. Acquire AED unit for tennis and pool.

3. Acquire projector and screen for TGIF and other activities.

4. Power-wash/Paint Fence on Princeton Lake drive. Termites have taken a toll on the fence over the last twenty years. It will have to be replaced in a few years.

5. Replace Pool Chairs/Furniture.

2018 Wish List:

1. Build permanent pig roast/BBQ smoker griller

2. Replace PLCH Furniture

3. Build path across dam

4. Install video security system for PLCH

5. Replace fence on PLD

2017 was a great year of neighbors helping each other in the neighborhood. Looking forward to an awesome 2018!!

Jim Skinner

Note from the Treasurer

The financial condition of our neighborhood is strong, however, we did incur expenses this year replacing the HVAC unit in the clubhouse as well as refinishing the pool deck, both of which reduced our reserves. After much deliberation your HOA board decided to increase neighborhood dues by 3%, which is approximately $22.00 per member home, which will serve to replenish our reserves for future expenses outlined in the reserve study as well as for unforeseen circumstances. It has been several years since we have had an increase and hopefully a gradual increase like this will prevent us from having to incur an assessment in the future.

Spalding White

Note from the Secretary

Communication was a goal for 2017 and Princeton Lakes saw the return of our regular newsletters! We have kept the neighborhood informed of community affairs, social events, and neighborhood news on a regular basis with our online newsletter service, the website, and on our private Facebook page. The website continues to be updated to reflect current information and our neighborhood private Facebook group has become an engaging way to share information within the neighborhood.

Please make sure that your member information and email address in the website is current so that you receive the link to the online newsletter and neighborhood emails. Login to the website at You can also request to join the private neighborhood Facebook page by clicking HERE. Email information for newsletter consideration to

Beginning in 2018, local businesses can advertise their business/service in our monthly Princeton Lakes HOA Newsletter. The advertising business will also be prominently featured on our Facebook page and on the front of our Princeton Lakes website. Only one business/service will be featured in each newsletter. Contact me at for more information and pricing.

Carolyn Cooper

Featured Business of the Month: Moxie Burger and La Novia Taqueria

One of our newest Princeton Lakes residents, Jordan Pearl, is the Managing Partner of Moxie Burger and La Novia Taqueria. Please see the special coupons below exclusively for Princeton Lakes residents.

In 2011, a small group of local investors, friends, and family collectively joined to support the creation of a non-chain, locally owned restaurant that would be a true “neighborhood gathering place”. The original Paper Mill Village location of Moxie Burger was small, unassuming, and totally overwhelmed by the community support and flood of business. A second location in Roswell and a third in East Cobb have quickly followed. Each location is unique in layout and style, but all three operate under the same model and same vision – to be a place where families and friends of all ages can eat, drink, visit, and relax together.

La Novia Taqueria is the newest and freshest concept developed and designed by the Moxie Burger team.

Click Here for Moxie Burger Menu and Information

Click Here for La Novia Taqueria Menu and Information

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Current HOA Board Members

President: Mark Paulsen

Vice-President: Jim Skinner

Treasurer: Spalding White

Secretary: Carolyn Cooper

Pool Chair: Stephen Patrick

Tennis Chair: James Cooper

Social Chairs: Christy Jones and Erin Searles

Grounds Chair: Phil Lainey

Community Affairs: Lisa Kaht

Business Advertisement Opportunities

Beginning in 2018, local businesses can advertise their business/service in our monthly Princeton Lakes HOA Newsletter. The advertising business will also be prominently featured on our Facebook page and on the front of our Princeton Lakes website. Only one business/service will be featured in each newsletter. Email for more information and pricing.

Princeton Lakes Community Newsletter

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