The Wonders of India

Made by Camille Wright

Geography of India

India's geography is fascinating. India has Three Regions. The Low Land, where the plains of crops dance in the wind and the rivers run free. There is also the Deccan plateau that the mountain range surrounds. The mountain range has the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest, the mountain range also has the Himalaya and the Hindu Cush mountains that are so high they touch the sky.

India's Fascinating Unique Animals

The Peacock

This pretty animals feathers are all around India. Try making a hat or scarf out of them or just put them on your wall for decoration. The animal is also very pretty. They have huge tails that sworm the sky. They make a sound like a siren.

The Lion

The lion is the most fierce of animals. Some say it symbols strength. with the lions mighty rour no one can call them lame

Travel Tips

-Bring bottled water from your place so you don't have a chance of getting sick

-Bring something that reminds you of home

-Bring some food from your home so you aren't left with food you might not like

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