Just for Media Assistants

Park Hill School District - December, 2014

New Year on the Horizon

Wow, the school year is sailing and a new calendar year is already on the horizon. The holiday season may have your book displays looking ravaged and you already thinking of displays for the new year. Look beyond the typical snow, winter, and holiday observances. Seek ways to inspire readers to explore their curiosities, test drive an unfamiliar genre, spread their DIY wings, or read the book of a recently released movie. Susan Brown's blog post, "Twenty Rules for Better Books Displays" provides thoughts about developing your displays, but sites such as Pinterest can help get your creative juices going. Don't pin your displays to a specific case--the more the merrier. Set up a display in areas of high use or use the "anti-display" strategy by leaving books in an area where they are quickly discovered by your students.

Encouraging Independence

"Sometimes it's just easier." Have you ever caught yourself say that, or worse yet, actually doing something for a student because it was easier? We all are guilty of this from time to time, but have you asked yourself who benefited the most? The answer is likely YOU! There are instances when time is of the essence and we must assist students for a variety of reasons, but it should be the exception not the rule.

Encourage students to become independent users of our libraries and the information within it. If a students starts with, "I can't find..." ask the where they have looked and coach them through it. Help them conquer learned helplessness by "thinking through it". Don't forget to praise the successes to encourage independent effort the next time.

School libraries matter--be an advocate for reading, for your program, for your students!

"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think." --Margaret Mead

Tech Tidbits

Did you know that if you put your smartphone in airplane mode it will charge faster? Or Whether you like or not, technology is a vital part of 21st century library. Dilbert, the comic character created by Scott Adams has nailed the typical response given by tech support--try rebooting. A@*H$^H

  • I don't have any sound. FIX: Make sure sound is not muted (speaker icon usually orange). Check connection if using headphones or ear buds.
  • I don't have Internet. FIX: Check wifi connection to make sure it's on (wifi icon usually orange). Turn on.
  • I don't have a network connection. FIX: Restart. Often too many trying to access at one time. Some may require complete shut down, connect to a network cord & restart.
  • My mouse won't work. FIX: Batteries! Batteries! Batteries!

Save the Dates

Teen Read Week - Oct. 12-18

Digital Citizenship Week - Oct. 19-25

National Family Literacy Day - Nov. 1

Veterans Day - Nov. 11