The Keltic Kids

What Are The Keltic Kids?

The Keltic Kids are an Irish music band made up of kids from all over Cape Cod. They love performing and sharing their music.
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The band was founded in 2012 by their instructor Clayton March from West Bend Music. The original group was five members, and they have been adding new members and new instruments since then. When the group was started Clayton wanted them to develop an understanding of the social aspect of music. The students were also able to start building a foundation for a lifelong love and appreciation of music. Music in groups teaches children how to work together, and it also helps them develop a common interest. This group is made up of kids from many different backgrounds and abilities. The group gives them a way to come together and share what they know. The Kids have recently started to add a new element of fun to their performances by dividing into different trios and duos. The band really looks forward to getting together and sharing their music, and also their many experiences every week. They have all become great friends, and they really look forward to their rehearsals and performances together.

The Band

Jonathan is an eleven year old from Harwich, MA. Jonathan plays the Irish Whistle, Fiddle, and Irish Flute, and is one of the founding members of the band. Jonathan takes music lessons with Clayton March, Mariellen Sears, Sean Clohessy, and Kathleen Conneely. Jonathan has won the Under 12 tin whistle competition at the Mid Atlantic Fleadh twice. Jonathan has enjoyed playing with the Keltic Kids, and also doing performances on his own and with other groups. In 2013 Jonathan competed in the All Ireland Music competition in Derry Ireland and he also competed in 2014 and 2015 in Sligo. He loves traveling to Ireland for Fleadh week because he gets to attend the week long music school, and take lessons with amazing whistlers. His favorite instructor there was Joanie Madden. Jonathan is currently participating in a music exchange program with children from Tulla, Ireland. This program is building a young music community to share traditional Irish music. Working with the CCE music school in Brighton, MA has allowed Jonathan to share his love of music with many other children and adults. Jonathan has played at several different cape locations, plays with the Harwich Town Band, and enjoys playing at many Irish Music sessions regularly. He has also played with Joanie Madden, Kevin Crawford, Cillian Valley, Sean Brennan, Nikki Engstrom, and many other fine musicians. He really enjoys writing his own tunes, and performing them with the band. One of Jonathan's favorite performances was 2013 Yule for Fuel in Wellfleet, and another was when he got to play at The Burren. Jonathan's dream is to own a Ferrari and share his music around the world.

Bailey is a nine year old from Harwich, MA. She joined the band in 2013. Bailey won the Under 12 Mid Atlantic Fleadh for accompaniment in 2015 which qualified her to travel to Ireland to compete in the All Irelands. Bailey plays the Piano, the concertina, and the Irish Harp. Bailey takes lessons with Clayton March and Anne Paus. She has also had a few lessons with Jacqueline Schwab. Bailey really loves playing with the Keltic Kids because she says, "they have so much fun." Bailey also enjoys Irish Step Dancing for competitions and for enjoyment. Bailey has played at many locations with the band, and she has also played with Jonathan at several locations. Bailey loved spending the summer busking with some of her band mates so that they could raise money for their trip to Ireland to compete in the Fleadh and attend the music school. Bailey is inspired by Jacqueline Schwab, Clayton March, Kathleen Boyle, and Brendan Dolan. Bailey's dream is to have an art studio and share her music and paintings with others. She would also love to have a Yorkshire Terrier to keep her company.

Gavin is a twelve year old from Brewster, MA. Gavin plays the tenor banjo, mandolin, fiddle, electric bass and double bass, and is a founding member of the Keltic Kids. Gavin takes lessons with Clayton March. Gavin has also recently started playing in the Cape Cod Conservatory and Nauset Middle School Jazz bands. Gavin also participates in the school orchestra and choir. In 2014 Gavin competed in Ireland at the All Ireland Music Competition in Sligo. in his free time Gavin loves to perform at local day habilitation programs for adults with developmental disabilities, and playing at Irish music sessions on Cape Cod. Gavin enjoys performing and with all of the Keltic Kids performances and his other groups Gavin is delighted to get to play music every day of the week!!!! When he grows up Gavin would like to be an FBI agent and a professional musician.

Max is a thirteen year old from Brewster, MA. He takes pride in being the oldest member of the Keltic Kids. Max plays the fiddle, and is a founding member of the Keltic Kids. He takes lessons with Clayton March. Max enjoys playing at Irish music sessions on Cape Cod, and is also an avid hockey player. He would love to play for the Boston Bruins, and play his fiddle in the pubs of Boston after the games some day.

Lili is an eleven year old from Wellfleet, MA. Lilli plays the fiddle, and is one of the founding members of the Keltic Kids. Lili travelled to New Jersey in 2015 and placed third and second in Under 12 duo and trio competitions respectively at the Mid Atlantic Fleadh. Lili takes lessons with Clayton March. Lili enjoys playing fiddle with the band and also horseback riding

Fern is an eleven year old from Wareham, MA, and she joined the Keltic Kids in 2013. Fern plays the fiddle in Keltic Kids. She takes fiddle lessons with Clayton March, and fiddle and accordion at the Boston Comhaltas Music School. Fern has performed independently in "Fern's Fiddle Garden" at New Bedford Open Studios as well as with the Keltic Kids, and at many Irish music sessions. Fern and her duet partner Ashley competed in the 2015 All-Ireland Fleadh in Sligo in the under 12 duet category after winning first place in the Mid Atlantic Fleadh in New Jersey. Fern's future goals include becoming a writer and/or an illustrator, and a musician.

Alex is a twelve year old from Orleans, MA. Alex plays the fiddle and takes lessons with Clayton March. Alex joined the Keltic Kids in 2014, and loves playing his fiddle with the group.

Ashley is an eleven year old from Sandwich, MA. Ashley played classical violin for four years before making the switch to Irish style fiddle. She takes lessons with Clayton March. Ashley and Fern won the duo competition in the Under 12 age category at the Mid Atlantic Fleadh. When she grows up, Ashley wants to go into writing and publishing and continue to play the fiddle. Ashley is a wonderful writer. In 2015 she won a scholarship to summer camp for a written composition about a life event that had a significant impact on who she has become.

Keltic Kids at WCAI

Upcoming Performences

2/6 Orleans Farmers Market 9-12

12/12 Homeless for the Holidays, Brooks Park Harwich MA 12-1