Noah Stice, Adam Brownhill, Hector Hernadez

What did Xerxes accomplish

-Xerxes was chiefly occupied with suppressing revolts in Egypt and Babylonia

-He was also able to keep the empire intact during the transition from an expansionist to a more static organization

-In the time of the Pass of Thermopylae Xerxes killed Leonidas and the spartans and proceeded to burn Athens.

What role did he play in the Persian war

He is best know for his massive invasion of Greece from the Hellespont, also a campaign marked by the battles of Thermopylae, Salamis, and Plataea

What was he famous for

He is famous for leading different massive invasions to Greece to Hellespont

P.S.- He is know from 300 and 300 rise of an empire

Was he a good leader from are perspective

No because he killed many people and he was thinking that he was a god when he was not

Again P.S. He Killed Leonidas