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May 19, 2023

From the Principal's Desk

Getting Comfortable With Failure

Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige gave an important message about failure during his University of Southern California commencement address last week.

Kevin Feige had achieved his dream.

He had been accepted to the University of Southern California — and now he was going to follow in the footsteps of his idols like George Lucas and Ron Howard.

But what ensued weren’t crucial strategies and frameworks to write the next Star Wars or E.T. — but repeated failure and disappointment.

Feige may have been a USC student, but he was rejected from the university’s esteemed School of Cinematic Arts — five different times — a period of anguish that left him questioning his purpose and capabilities.

“It turned out the sixth time was the charm,” he said.

Feige now serves as the president of Marvel Studios — but it was the sting of disappointment and the lessons from it nearly 30 years ago that he highlighted during his commencement speech before 20,000 students at his alma mater last week.

“My wish for you, graduates, is that you get comfortable with failure, rejection,” he said. “Accept that it’s a possibility, but never let it define you, and never let it hold you back.”

It’s an important lesson and a pivotal reminder.

Many of us as leaders pre-write the script to our seasons, our business cycles, our relationships. We get an opportunity, formulate a plan and do our best to carry out our visions that we feel are unique and destined for success.

Then, adversity arises — and we simply don’t know what to do.

What distinguished Feige wasn’t that he avoided obstacles, but that he kept working and pursuing his vision despite countless setbacks.

After graduating from USC, he didn’t land his dream job and launch a successful career right off the bat.

He instead began as an entry-level production assistant picking up lunch orders, washing cars, walking dogs and chauffeuring executives around Los Angeles.

What set Feige up for long-term success was:

1. He never grew overly cynical about his hardships
2. He was always humble enough to do grunt work
3. He recognized there’d be detours along the way

“Very rarely is film making the result of divine stroke of inspiration,” he said. “It’s about grinding it out, banging your head against the wall with a group of collaborators, taking something from bad to O.K. to good to maybe great to maybe something people will want to watch again and again.”

Whether we’re currently struggling to process failure or are trying to navigate some other adversity we endured at some point, we may want to draw from Feige’s story.

The most successful among us aren’t the people who dodged setbacks and disappointment or figured it out immediately.

They’re the ones who faced hardship — but refused to be overcome by it.

QUESTION: How can we as parents and educators help young people embrace failure as an opportunity to "fail forward", rather than a time to quit?

Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, May 23rd - Hearing/Vision Makeup and Rescreening

Tuesday, May 23rd - Watch D.O.G.S. Appreciation Cookout

Wednesday, May 24th - 5th Grade Celebration

Thursday, May 25th - ALL Library Books Due!

Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th - NO SCHOOL!

Friday, June 2nd - Bauer Bash (5pm - 8pm)

Monday, June 5th - 4th/5th Grade Field Day at BSM

Thursday, June 8th - Early Release (12:15) & Last Day of School


Dear Watch D.O.G.S.,

We would like to extend a warm invitation to you and your student(s) to our upcoming End of Year Volunteer Appreciation Cookout! Join us for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship, as we show our gratitude for your hard work and dedication to our school.

We will be hosting the event at Bauer on Tuesday, May 23rd from 6:00-7:00 pm. On the menu, we will be serving hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, water, Gatorade, and ice pops. There will be something for everyone to enjoy, so come hungry and ready to have a good time!

Even if you were unable to volunteer this year, we would still love to have you join us to learn more about the program and meet other Watch D.O.G.S. To help us with planning, please RSVP using the Google Form link below.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our school community. We hope to see you at the cookout!


Please mark your calendars for our FIRST annual Bauer Bash! All current (and incoming ‘23-24) families and staff are invited to gather together as a school community on Friday, June 2nd, 5 - 8pm.

We’re excited to welcome the following food trucks:

  • Blackhawk BBQ will be serving up pulled pork, burgers, fries, gyros, hot dogs, cheese curds and more.

  • RDR Concessions will have tasty corn dogs, elephant ears and slushies.

  • Ice Box will bring mini bars, full bars, ice pops and cotton candy.

Bring some chairs and blankets and enjoy a fun food truck picnic with your Bauer pals!!

Art News

Dear Bauer Families,

There will be a new art teacher next year. After 12 years of teaching at Bauer I will be graduating to the new 5/6 Building! I have especially loved my past 2 years being able to be the Bauer full time art teacher. I have loved watching your kids grow and I'm excited to be granted the opportunity to continue on with this year's 4th and 5th grades as they transition to the 5/6 building! We have exciting things in store for them at the new building! I will be teaching all 5th grade art classes which will look just like it has at Bauer. I will also be teaching the 6th grade art electives! Thank you for all your support. Bauer is a great place to be. I know I will miss getting to be with the kids during their younger years but I'm thrilled we will meet again at the 5/6 building!

- Jessica Seitz

Food Service: Lunch Account Update

Hello Hudsonville Public Families,

As the school year winds down, please check your student's lunch account balance and make arrangements to pay any past due accounts.

Food Service uses a system called Meal Magic that runs our lunch account system. Meal Magic has a one-stop website called Family Portal where parents can apply for Free/Reduced Meals, deposit funds into their students' meal accounts, monitor spending, and put any account restrictions in place. All low-balance emails to parents will come from Family Portal.

Low-balance emails will be sent to parents that choose to receive the notifications. The opt-in procedure is very simple. Once logged into Family Portal, click the Notifications button, check the box to indicate that you want to receive low-balance reminders, and set a dollar amount indicating when to send notices. If a parent previously opted out of all email, they will need to uncheck that box to access the low-balance email settings. There are on-screen instructions to guide you.

When a student's balance is at or below the amount the parent selected, an email will be sent. Parents will only receive one request every three days for a given student. Low-balance email is handled per Family Portal account. If multiple people have access to a student, each person has its own control over how low-balances work for them.

Instructions on using Family Portal are attached for your convenience.

Non School Sponsored Events

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