Welcome to Gaston County, NC!

Home to it's county seat, the city of Gastonia

A lot to learn

Gaston County is located in the Piedmont region. It was founded on December 21, 1846. Gaston County was named after William Gaston. William Gaston was a jurist & U.S representative from NC. During the 2010 census the population was 206,086.

What's the Government like?

Welcome to the Board of Commissioners! There are 7 board of commissioners. Commissioners are elected "at large" basis to four-year terms.The responsibilities of the Government are, to evaluate where appropriate additional sources of revenue, including but not limited to user fees, impact fees, intergovernmental transfers and public-private partnerships in an effort to reduce reliance on the property tax. The current county manager is, Earl Mathers. The current chairperson is, Tracy Philbeck.

The City of Gastonia

Sounds beautiful right?! Gastonia is the county seat Gaston County. Largest of the 14 incorporated cities and towns in the county. Gastonia is a city. Gastonia got it's name from, believe it or not; William Gaston! William Gaston was also a member of the Supreme Court. During the 2010 census the population was 71,741.

Gaston County Sights Worth Seeing

Gaston County is known for their natural landmark, Crowders Mountain State Park. Some other (in my opinion) cool tourists attractions are, Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens (a pretty sight), & Tony's Ice Cream.

Extra Information about Gaston County

The legislature is a council-manager-mayor plan. The city manager is Micheal C. Peoples. The Mayor is Walker E. Reid III. There are 6 members of the council, governed by the Mayor.

Goodbye From Gaston County!

The counties that border us are: Lincoln, Cleveland, & Mecklenburg county.