Who Am I?

Tiffany Werth is...

A wife and a mother of 5 children.

Husband: Josh

Children: Carson 9, Caleb 7, Anna 6, Jadyn 4, Tatum 2

I am also going to school full time this semester and I work in retail on the weekends.

Creative with hobbies.

A kinesthetic learner...

I learn best by doing things myself. Hands on projects have always been my favorite. When I took the learning tests I also scored high in nature, spatial and social aspects. Basically I am just a very visual learner and like the freedom to create my own projects as they apply to the lessons. I hope to do more projects with my students than just boring worksheets. I think hands on projects cover more learning styles and help the students connect with the ideas in the lesson.

Strong because I am...

Weak because I am...

This is a video about adopting our daughter from Ukraine this past summer. Specifically, the 2nd song, "I'm on my way" is how I will view my students. They are each on their way to becoming something more than they were before my class. I want to make sure I put them into a better learning opportunity then they were so they can succeed in anything they do.

Tatianna's Homecoming

Hoping to be the best teacher ever!

My goals for being a teacher include being a creative teacher that is liked by (almost) all of my students. I hope that my students enjoy learning in my class and it helps them to become life long learners. I want to be that teacher that students remember long after they are not in my class anymore. I hope that my creative side will keep my students engaged and learning the right way.