Steps of the Selling Process 2.09

Camden Hartsell

Approach Customer

The first encounter with a potential customer.

This is the most important part of the selling process, it could determine the outcome of a sale or repeat business.

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Determine Needs

Find customer’s reasons for buying as early as possible.

Every customer has a reason for buying, the sooner you determine those reasons, the sooner you can make a sale.

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Present the Product

—What does this product do? Demonstrate – Show them.

Presenting the product can determine if a customer will like the product, your job is to make sure you are giving them all the information.

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Overcome Objections

Legitimate reason, doubt, or hesitation for not buying.

How you handle an objection can result in a sale or a loss of a customer.

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Close the Sale

Obtaining an agreement to buy

This is one of the final steps in the selling process, and one of the most important.

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Suggestion Selling

Selling additional goods to enhance the original purchase

Repeat business is the best thing for a business, it will drive up your sales and popularity.

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Building Relationships

—Ensure satisfaction, call, card, email

—Handle inquiries and complaints, keep customers satisfies

—Useful info. for future reference

What went well?, What can be improved?

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