The life of Desire Green

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Volunteering at A daycare

Volunteering at a Daycare inspired me not only to help youth but my peers as well.

Making someone smile

During my time at the daycare, I met a young girl who felt out of place. She didn't fit in with the other students due to her speech impediment. I helped her to make new friends and talk to the other kids. As time went on she was able to interact more effectively with her peers. I noticed she smiled more often and had more fun.

Getting Accepted into Radford University

I attended the On -site admissions opportunity for Radford University this week and was accepted. I am excited and optimistic in what my future will be like at such a great school.

My Future

Studying Law at Radford

I plan on studying Law at Radford University and receiving my Masters in Criminal Law.This will prepare me for a long term career as a lawyer.
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Becoming a Lawyer

I have always wanted to become a lawyer in order to help others.
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Starting a Family

Starting a family is a blessing, I would love to have children of my own and teach them everything I know about life and love.
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