Yesterday on the 29th of Feb, a black van swerved off claymores main bridge(wittnesses have claimed to have seen the whole event happen and say that a bus swerved around a not so average hieght person)claymore investigators/drug dealors are on the case now and will find out the actual truth.

Adam a wittness of the scene saw the the whole thing and said his mate Fred was offered drugs in the middle of the road by a small person called Storm, Fred said he wasnt that type of person and walked back to the van as he did the buss swerved around Storm and crashed into the van that Adam was in and falls off Claymore bridge luckily him and his mate Stephen jumped out of the van with parachutes on,other survivers have not been found at this point in time as there is a river stream underneath the bridge and must have scattered all of the passengers downstream,the passengers friends and family are really worried and investigaters say it shouldnt take long to find the passengers.