Youngsville Classical Conversations

Weekly Update

Next up...Week 14!

Wasn't today beautiful??!!!! It was SO good to see everyone! I could have stayed and chatted all afternoon. The plan is to still have Feb 15th off. We will extend our CC year out one instead of our last Monday of class being on April 25th it will fall on May 2nd. Our "end of the year celebration" will be during the evening that weekend. Exact date is undecided. I will update soon!! Since we will be off Feb 15th the tutors and I thought it would be fun for the kids to celebrate Valentines on Monday in each individual classroom. The kids can bring store bought valentine cards or make their own and personalize it. Keep in mind food allergies if you decide to give out candy or cookies.

For Monday- week 14

Family Presentations (opening assembly): Grumbles family

Suggested preparation for presentation time:

-Tuesday & Wednesday brainstorm topics and choose material.

-Thursday prepare notes, props etc.

-Friday/Saturday show off for Dad or Grandma!

-Saturday final polishing and practice.

Don't forget to bring:

-Nursery/Toddler room: Diaper bag, labeled drink. Snack. $5.00 for childcare (if using)

-Foundations class: Presentation materials if needed. Water bottle and snack. Tin Whistle.

-Parents in class: Foundations guide and pen, paper/sticky notes. Lunches.

Scripture Passage during opening assembly


We will all go through the verses with the DVD to review after the long break

**NEXT WEEK we will start with the kids reciting the song and motions!**


Week 14 science project: The 1st experiment will demonstrate a mineral streak test. The 2nd experiment will demonstrate core sampling.

Week 14 Fine Arts: The kids will explore the great artist Ghilberti's technique of painting.

Registration for 2016-2017 is upon us!!

2016-2017 REGISTRATION: New Registration forms are available on the CC website. Here are the dates for registration –

· Currently enrolled families (that's you) at a community may register at that community beginning February 1st.

· Transfers from one community to another may begin February 15th. *This means that a currently enrolled family could lose their spot for next year to a transferring family if they do not get their forms and fees to the director by February 14th*

· New families may register March 1st.

FYI: Our community will have open house just about every other week from now until week 24 so that families that are interested in CC can come in (by appointment) to observe how CC works. I have invited those that are interested in coming to an open house to stay on through lunch with us so that they can ask questions. Who better to ask than those of us already involved with CC, right?!