Library Newsletter

November 2019

In case you missed it..

Earlier this year our new class librarians created this video to show you how to get around the library and find what you are looking for. They did a great job as the video was made in one lunchtime. We have a great team of student librarians this year, I'm sure after watching their video you'll be inclined to agree.
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Remembrance Day and the meaning behind the poppies..

This week there was a lunchtime activity to help the children understand the reason we wear poppies and the meaning behind them. In the library we have also honoured this precious tradition remembering those who fought for future generations. We have books that detail the wars, remembrance and also the relevance for today and the future.

Calling all speakers and readers of 'Mother tongue languages. We need your books!

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The Mother Tongue collection of books really does need reviving. We would appreciate any good quality books that you may have at home in your native languages. So if you have books that you have read that need a new home we will welcome them and give them a home. We don't favour a particular language, we are looking for a range of books that will appeal to all the children of Peak School, and are grateful for the donations you make. It also fits in well with our intention to "reuse, reduce, recycle", so have a look on your shelves at home and send us the books you no longer need. Thank you!