space race

cold war (-ish)

the space race was a sort of bickering between america and the soviet union in which they each wanted to prove that their country had the best technology by seeing who could go to space and further first, and it all ended when america had won when two men by the names of neil armstrong and buzz aldrin were sent to the moon, for the first time, humanity saw what it is like on this mysterious surface. and now, you can too.




Neil Armstrong - First Moon Landing 1969
the first moon landing happened in 1969

the space race happened during the cold war

the space race started in the late 1950s

in 1957, the soviet union launched sputnik, the worlds first artifical satelite

in 1958, NASA was created

neil armstrong and buzz aldrin took a part in the space race, being the first two people on the moon's surface.
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* john f kennedy restated the nations resolve of landing a man on the moon in texas

* in houston texas, a large crowd gathered around the construction of a to-be-manned capsule

i chose this event because

* space interests me

* i have heard about the space race and cold war before

the space race lasted from 1955 to 1972