Mobile Apps in the Classroom

What Should I Use?

ABC Gurus

This App is available on the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Although the cost is $2.29, it would be worth it! This app helps with the alphabet, phonetic sounds and words with the letters. This would be a great for a primary elementary classroom as it helps with letters and sounds in a hands on way.

How Would I Use this in the Classroom?

This would be a great addition to a center learning classroom. This is a quick and easy game that is educational. This app is ideal for a Kindergarten or Grade One classroom as it provides an excellent introduction into the alphabet and sounds.
ABC Gurus Game Trailer

Teachley: Addimal Adventure

This is an app developed by teachers and psychologists to help with single digit addition facts. There is an engaging storyline that the children will follow while completing the assignment. The teacher has the ability to designate what assignments are for each student and allows the teacher to track progress. This is a free App that is ideal for a primary elementary classroom.

How Would I Use this in the Classroom?

This would be a great tool to use in a learning center in an elementary classroom. Have the kids rotate through various centers that challenge and test them. This is a tool that should be used in Kindergarten or Gr. 1.
Teachley Addimal Adventure Demo


This App offers a tour through the Milky Way Galaxy like never before! It introduces you to what galaxies are and how they come to be while sharing myths and legends. There are interactive 3-D Models, HD video, audio, photographs and cartoons and other animations. This app is easy to read and accessible. This would be a great choice for upper elementary and middle school classrooms.

How Would I Use this in the Classroom?

This is a great tool for students to use for research. In the space unit in a science classroom, I would offer this as a resource to complement what is being learned in the classroom.
GALAXIES by Kids Discover (for iPad)

Timeline WW2

This app, compatible with iPad, costs $14.99 but it is a bargain for all that it offers! This app offers an excellent history of the Second World War. The App includes a timeline of the entire war with events showing personalities, battles, locations and more! There are newsreel videos with additional commentary from Dan Snow, the host of the App. An interactive map shows invasions, occupations, allegiances, fronts and boundary changes. This is the only timeline map of its kind! It has received rave reviews from USA Today, MacWorld, among other reputable sources. This would be an excellent addition to a study of the Second World War by allowing the student to research what they want to in an interactive way. This App can be part of a package include "Timeline WW1," "Timeline American Civil War," and "Timeline Castles"

How Would I Use this in the Classroom?

This is an amazing resource! If I had access to a classroom set of iPads, I would have the students spend a class exploring this app and finding out things that interest them that we could discuss further in class. This is an amazing and thorough introduction to the Second World War that should not be overlooked. I would use this as a resource myself to help explain certain aspects of the War.
Timeline WW2 iPad App (UK/World)

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing resource that allows learning in every subject area for free. The App includes videos, articles, exercises, feedback, hints, problem solving, and more! The App automatically links from the App to the computer so that you can continue working wherever you are! Khan Academy has material that will enhance your learning and it is completely free! This is an App targeted towards older students and would be an excellent addition for a high school classroom.

How Would I Use this in the Classroom?

Khan Academy is an amazing resource. I would offer this as an 'extra-help' option for those who are doing homework and need further explanation after school is done. I would include the videos in my own lessons and take advantage of the activities and exercises included in the resource. I would have the students create a profile and maybe even use the lessons as activities as part of their overall mark.
You Can Learn Anything

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