Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People

Are You Challenged By The People Dynamics At Your Workplace?
Do You Find It Difficult To Work With Some People?

Are there People Coming Into YOUR Business That Make Life Challenging?

YOU Are NOT Alone!
Dealing With Difficult People is a Part of Life, Learn Successful Strategies for Stressful Relationships

Dear Collegue,

I am going to start this out by assuming you live on the planet earth.

(All apologies to any extra terrestial beings reading this, but please keep reading because I am guesing what I am about to say is mutliuniversal...)

As long as you live here, then you know that you will have to deal with difficult people.

It is a fact of life. The only thing we can be assured of in this world is death, taxes...and jerks. I am not saying all peopel are difficult, but I am saying we all know more than one we would unhesitantly label as such.

There are bullies in school, know-it-alls at work and every family has a couple members who are liable to fly off the handle at the smallest of transgressions.

There is virtually no way you can stroll through life, without running into a couple difficult people along the way.

THEN TELL ME HOW TO AVOID 'EM! I wish I could! But let's be realistic - there is no avoiding them. The key is learning how to effectively deal with these people.

And if that is your goal, then I got the perfect assist for you:


Successful Communication Strategies

This value packed workshop and guide includes the following:

The different types of difficult people:

* Big Bully
* Ambush Artist
* Volatile Volumizer
* Know It All
* Wishy Washy
* Yes Me to Death
* The Deep Freeze
* No, Not, Never Person
* Complaint Central
Then we move into the info you REALLY need -- the HOW To's for each of these types of difficult people....
* What makes People Difficult?
* Successful Communication
* Power of Listening
* How To Handle The Difficult Types
This training won't help you avoid difficult people, but it will help you deal with them quickly and effectively. Don't waste valuable time struggling with difficult people. Attend this training, practice new skills, read the guide, learn the tricks and then effectively and QUICKLY deal with them. Difficult people will no longer be roadblocks, they will simply be speed bumps.

You will improve your skills to navigate successfully and won't be stressed by daily dealings with difficult people because YOU will know that YOU have dealt effectively with each encounter.

Leader: Donna Price, is a leadership consultant, published author and speaker. She has been a manager and leader, with 20+ years of experience in managing staff, coaching staff and dealing with challenging people. She has articles published on conflict resolution, bullying, and a new edition of her book: "Coaching Staff for Success" is due out in September. Donna is a fun and energetic trainer and facilitator, making your experience a true learning adventure.

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Small group training will facilitate learning and the attention that each attendee will receive.

Dealing With Difficult People

Tuesday, Sep. 24th 2013 at 12-4:30pm

37 Main Street

Sparta Township

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Donna Price

Donna Price, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Business Success Coach and President of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC, provides business coaching to small business owners, business leaders, and work teams; using her experience as a senior level manager for 18+ years and extensive background working with people to achieve their goals. Donna is the author of “Launching Your Dreams: Stop Day Dreaming and Live Your Vision”; "Coaching Staff for Success", “Bizology.Biz: The Science of Building Business Success” and contributing author to “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life”