Experiential Movement Therapy

Hosts: USC Clinical Caucus and the Mind-Body Interest Group

A special training and lecture by USC's own Dr. Brooklyn Levine

Dr. Brooklyn Levine's research in the field of social work explores the use of expressive art therapy interventions for PTSD. She has always been interested in the many facets of human expression. She studied dance, voice, literature, and theater and has had great love for the arts and language. What interests her most about the arts and language is the human element: the drive to express the human condition, human experience. Throughout her entire academic career, from anthropology to social work she has looked at the way language and culture become a collective manifestation of the individual human experience and in turn, how do language and culture shape the individual human experience? In the arts, tragedy is often a theme employed by artists to explore the human psyche. Tragedy strips away the masks that people wear and reveals a raw level of the human experience. She believes that in life tragedy performs the same function as it does in art. It is this most basic level of human experience that she has attempted to explore in her research and practice.

Tuesday, March 25th, 11:15am-12:45pm

MRF 338