Policies and Procedures

Library Skill Classes

Each grade will visit the LMC once every 6 days for a 45-minute library skill/technology lesson.. Students will be presented with story times based on popular themes and authors. Older students will dive into library skills such as book location, card catalog usage, dictionary and encyclopedia work, and other research related topics.

Book Due Dates and Overdue Information

The Westby Elementary LMC allows books to be checked out for a two-week period. If a book is not returned, an overdue notice is sent home. The LMC sends notices home every two weeks. The library does not access a fine for late books but if a book is not returned, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the child to pay replacement cost for the book. Also, if a book is returned damaged a fine will be assessed based on the type of damage. Remember, although we teach children to be responsible it is the ultimate responsibility of the parents to return books in good shape.

Book Care

All students will learn or review book care at the beginning of the school year. Checking out books is a privilege. Students must be responsible and take good care of their books so that others may enjoy them later.

*Keep books away from pets and younger siblings.

*Do not drink or eat while reading your library book

*Books should be handled with care, not thrown around or dropped.

*Clean hands are a must when reading a book.

*Keep your library book away from water such as rain, snow or bathwater.

*Do not cut up the pages in a book.

*Markers and pens should not be used in a library book.

* A Bookmark should be used to save the page you are reading.

Any extra effort on your part to help keep our books safe would be greatly appreciated by us and by future readers!

Book Check-Out Limits

Students are limited to the following

number of books checked out at a time:

  • PK - 1 book
  • Kindergarten: 1 book, increasing to 2 in the middle of the year

  • First, Second, Third and Fourth Grade - 3 books

The Library Director has the option of changing these check out limits based on

past responsibility and/or research projects.

Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome your help in the LMC. We always have shelving, cleaning, processing and other things that need to be completed. If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact the LMC or the school office. There is some paperwork that is required to be filled out before you can work with the students.