I am...

Abby Prutzman's Math Autobiography

I am a student who is good at math.

I wonder why people hate math.

I hear that math can be very difficult.

I understand math is difficult for a lot of people.

I try to help other understand math.

I pretend I enjoy math

I touch a pencil when I do math (I can always erase my mistakes).

I feel pride when I complete a math problem

I dream about being great at bath.

I am a student who is indifferent towards math.

I want to be a teacher who enthusiastically teaches math.

I see children struggling in math.

I worry I will not be good at teaching math.

I cry, "Math is important"!

I want to help children enjoy math.

I say, "Everyone can do math".

I hope I am able to teach math well.

I am a teach who help her students learn to love math.