Tech "know" Bytes

Things to know at Cleveland

1. Cleveland Teachers are pretty "Techie!"

First, I just want to say how impressed I am at your skills! Even though not everyone may LOVE Google Drive for lesson planning, you have all been willing to listen and learn. Thank you for that!

2. Professional Development opportunities are coming!

As you read this, I am busy getting all of our professional development classes listed in PD express. Not only will you have a chance to LEARN at monthly staff meetings, you will will have 1/2 day training for school improvement as well as Google Apps (co-led by Jason Bingel and myself here at school). For those of you who are ready to go a little deeper, I will offer an after school course on a variety of tech topics starting in January.

In addition, the Instructional Technology Department has put together a website that is full of great information and links to resources.

3. Tech Assistance Reminder

Click on the movie below...

4. Edmodo

Have you signed up for Edmodo yet? In addition to being a nice way to communicate with students and parents, it is an awesome forum for us to share resources with one another! Our school code, which you'll need when you sign up from inside the building, is ti9gd4. Once you're in, join our special Cleveland Teachers Group with this code: v5pb8h. Michelle Castillo told me that there is also an Elementary Science group so that you can communicate with teachers from around the district.