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Afraid to Face Fallout After Vacation? Don't. No excuses, you must REST.

We've all been there. Months of planning, getting things all lined up to step away from work, pets and your calendar so you can go on vacation. What's worse? ...the prep to get away or the fallout when you return and see how much has been stacking up waiting for you. The peace you received while away is gone almost instantly, so why bother doing it again? Because taking time to unplug is key to a good life.

This week, I had more than one coaching client mention they wished they were a bit more off-grid, weren't on Facebook so much, said they didn't know how to stop being so "on" all the time, don't remember how to slow down without crashing, and who were afraid to face the fallout from taking a vacation, let alone the stress from planning one. "Take a break?? I don't have time!!", they said. People are moving so fast nowadays, caring for so many tasks, holding so much tension, responsible for so many people, ideas, products, outcomes, and expectations that they live and work constantly plugged-in for the fear of unplugging. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) anxiety is a real problem and I don't think it's good for us, our relationships or our businesses. How does one stop the insanity? Or get off the "hamster on the wheel", as one client put it. If you feel tension in your gut just reading this, then take a breath and keep reading. There's something useful here for you.

Culturally, we remain hidden behind digital walls and to-do lists, falsely protected by our never-ending projects. Have we lost our humanity, a real heart-felt connection to others or just forgotten how important BEing and feeling human is to our life and happiness? What do you believe is going on here, what's needed, what's missing for you? Are you effected by being plugged-in constantly?

Before I move on, check-in with yourself right now. Does this sound like you? Are you finding yourself moving at mock speed, forgetting things, overwhelmed, over-scheduled and running like you're that hamster on a wheel? If this sounds like you, you don't have to keep up the crazy. In fact, I give you permission to back up, slow down, unplug and let go. Can you give yourself permission to embrace your own humanity, step-back and rest?

Don't wait for an emergency at home, at work or with your health, kids or parents to re-calibrate. Those will come regardless and the rebound is seriously tough enough, so don't wait. Do what you can NOW to build an excuse to get away into your calendar. And the magic trick with this is to make taking a break to do something refreshing and different from your routine as important as any other business task. Make unplugging a priority. Take tiny breaks at your desk through getting up, stretching, taking 3 mindful breaths, invite co-workers to a talk and walk meeting, engage in laughter and take extended chunks of unplugged time outside (link to "shinrin-yoku"), unplug at home, in the car and yes- TAKE A VACATION.

And here's the most important reason why it's important to build diversion into your personal and professional life. Unplugging is key to creating the diversion and mental space needed to think and problem-solve and provides the cellular space needed to heal and feel good. It's no newsflash that when you feel good you're able to do more and have the mental space to choose NOT to do more in the first place! So don't be afraid to take a break. There's no excuses big enough, you must REST. Find ways, big and small to bring diversion into your world.

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