Virtual Teacher Institute 2015-16

Welcome Materials, Interest Inventories and Resources

Welcome to the World Leadership School's Virtual Teacher Institute

Thank you for making the time to develop your practice as a globally-connected, inquiry-based educator!

We believe that K-12 education in North America, and across the world, is undergoing a giant transformation from the way we used to teach (content-driven, teacher-centered) to the way we need to teach given the changing world (skills-based, student-driven). We also believe that the best way to drive change in K-12 schools is to work directly with innovative, hard-working teachers, to help them integrate global experiences and student-directed inquiry in fresh new ways.

There are many ways to integrate global learning in the classroom. We look forward to working closely with you over the coming school year, to help you find a variety of ways to bring authentic, transformative global experiences into your classroom and course(s).

First Things First: Please Complete an Interest Inventory

Before we can begin our conversations about your classroom practice, we need to have a sense of your interests, ideas, and availability. Please download the VTI Interest Inventory and submit your completed Inventory to your VTI coach by September 15. This document will provide an important starting place for our work together this year.

A Few Notes on Protocols and Processes

Please download and read through the VTI Protocols and Processes, so that you know what you can expect of your WLS coach, and what your coach will ask of you during the 2015-16 school year.

Global Project Approaches and Resources

Please take a look at Global Project Approaches to explore different ways of designing global experiences for the classroom, including specific project examples. Also, check out our list of Excellent GlobalEd Resources, including links to a wide array of curriculum, organizations and publications.

The World Leadership School Teacher Forum: More Resources for Global Educators

The World Leadership School Teacher Forum is maintained and updated regularly with new and useful global educational resources. Please see Files, Bookmarks and Videos for a plethora of useful publications and online tools for global educators.

TakingITGlobal Virtual Classrooms and Student-Driven Programs

All participants in the Virtual Teacher Institute are welcome to make use of the networks, virtual classrooms, and global projects available through our partner organization, TakingITGlobal.

For more information about how to get started on TIGed, please go to the TIGed Support Page. You can also explore TIGed's current and ongoing Global Programs for opportunities to get involved and connect your classroom through existing initiatives.

To join the World Leadership School Virtual Schoolhouse on TIGed, click the link and use the code wls to register as a teacher. Once you've registered, you will be able to create as many virtual classrooms as you wish.

Please contact WLS Professional Development Director Jennifer D. Klein at if you have any difficulties or concerns.

World Leadership School

The mission of World Leadership School is to empower young leaders to find new and innovative approaches to the world's pressing problems. We do this by helping K-12 schools make the shift towards 21st century approaches to teaching and learning.