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The capital city is Tokyo, and the population is 127,253,075 people. Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain and a volcano in Japan. Japan has over 200 volcanos. Japan is completely surrounded by the Pasific Ocean water.


  • They lived in caves or pits and hunted animals.
  • The first Japanese people came from China and South Korea.
  • In the 1600's shoguns cut off Japan's trade because they feared influence.
  • Shoguns fought for control of Japan.

People & places

  • Japan's four main islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoka, and Kyushu.
  • Each symbol means a word or an idea.
  • 89.5% of Japanese people are buddist.
  • The climate in most places is temperate.


  • Japanese sports are baseball, soccer, golf, vollyball, martial arts, and sumo wrestling.
  • Their biggest holiday is Shougatsu the celebration lasts for weeks.
  • Rice is eaten nearly every meal.
  • Japanese children go to school on Saturday because their job is based on their education.


  • Japan's emperor has no real power.
  • The prime minister governs the nation
  • Japan's currency is called yen.
  • People in Japan usually travel by train and bus.

Your choice

  • Comic books called manga is popular in Japan.
  • Anime is also popular in Japan.
  • Japanese children anjoy video games and computers.