What is ConKerr Cancer?

A way to get a smile on a kid's face!

What is ConKerr Cancer?

ConKerr Cancer is an organization where kids with cancer receive colorful pillowcases to use instead of the plan old white pillowcases that everyone uses. People around the country make pillowcases to donate to the kids. This really cheers the kids up.

How Does it Help Adolescents?

It helps by making kids happy and their day bright instead of plain and boring. Every time a kid gets a colorful pillowcase, their day lights up. They get all happy and want to go into that day happy.

Facts About Adolescents with Cancer

  1. When a kid sees plain old boring colors they are more sad than they were.
  2. 20% of all kids with cancer will die.
  3. More than 40,000 kids with cancer will under go treatment.
  4. Average age of death with a kid with cancer is 8.

What is the Gilbert 7th Grade FCS Class doing for ConKerr Cancer?

The 7th grade Gilbert FCS class is having each student make at least 1 bright and colorful pillowcase for ConKerr Cancer. Once the year is over. Mrs. Engelken is taking the pillowcases to the location and sending them to ConKerr Cancer. With all the pillowcases, that is over 110 smiles on a kid's face.