Izanai Yosakoi Dance Classes

An Energetic Japanese Dance

Join us to dance an energetic Japanese peace dance called Izanai Yosakoi

This year, we will be learning a piece called "Maholoba" choreographed by the late Suga Kunitomo in 2000. You can watch the piece here.

The classes will be held every Sunday from 5 to 6:30 pm until the very last Sunday of February.

The classes are for us to have fun and to get ready for the Honolulu Festival which will be held during the first weekend of March in Honolulu.

These classes are for EVERYONE. You do not have to be an experienced dancer. The youngest student I've taught was 3 and the oldest was 60. The annual Yosakoi Dance Festival is held in my hometown, Kochi every summer, and the festival itself was created after the WWII for the community to come together and celebrate life. The dance is not to show off but for us to experience joy and share the joy.

Bring water, towel, and shoes (optional).

It is FREE, but if you feel like leaving some dollars as donation, it will be appreciated.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at akariueoka*gmail.com. (Please insert @ where the * is. I do this to avoid spam mails.)


Akari Ueoka

It will be held every SUNDAY from 5 to 6:30 pm (until the very last Sunday of February)

Sunday, Nov. 4th 2012 at 5pm

310 West Kaahumanu Avenue

Kahului, HI

Laulima Building Room 105