October News


This month in Physical Education we have focused on Spatial Awareness by using various types of Tag Games! We have also worked on Cooperation activities such as the game called "Frogs!" Students had to work together to move their animals across the gym without touching the floor! The students have enjoyed learning how to use the hula hoops and are looking forward to what we will do next!


For the month of October, we have been busy learning about how melody is made up of pitches that can be high or low and can go up or down.

For Kindergarten, we have been working on echoing, learning about our 4 voices, and singing about leaves. First grade has been working on high and low by singing about spiders, pumpkins, and leaves. Second grade sang songs about Charlie catching fish and creepy crawly spiders while learning how to notate sol-mi-la. Third grade has been singing songs using all the pitches in a scale and learning how to notate the scale on the staff in order to play boomwhackers with the song.

Ensemble has also been busy. As of last Friday, they finished their 3rd performance for the year (3 in two weeks!!!) On October 15th, they performed a wonderful performance of "Make a Difference" and sign language rendition of "We Are the World" for Southeastern Regional Community Awards Ceremony at RCC. They had the theme of "Together We Make a Difference". Ensemble performed for our very own parents at our first Title I Night. They performed our National Anthem, "Tia Monica", and "We Are the World". Our third performance was for our students celebrating Hispanic Heritage. Along with some of Mr. Elpidio's students, they performed the book "Conejito - A Folk Tale from Panama by Margaret Read MacDonald.

Second and Third grade just started this week working on their Christmas Concert "Spell It Out". They will be performing it on December 16!!!

Computer Lab

Second Grade learning how to type using a great web resource in the Computer Lab.Typetastic.com. It is a great educational fun resource!

Media Center

What a fast month! Kindergarten students are practicing library behavior and caring for books. 1st graders have enjoyed hearing a variety of seasonal books and learning how to "scare away germs!" Ebooks have been a big hit with 2nd graders while 3rd grade has had a blast rotating centers each week in the library! Good things are ahead with the beginning of the book fair!

Mr. Charles Hunt's Class

We in the EC classroom continue to make progress daily. Ms. Baker Ms. Walters and myself show much love towards our students and strive to keep parents informed on progress daily. We had two great field trips during the month of October and look forward to more trips the coming school year.I would like Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Richardson, and Mrs. Risen for taking the time to read to our class. We look forward to the upcoming holidays and birthdays of our students so we can celebrate and be with family and friends.
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Ms. Henderson's Class

October was a faBOOlous month for our EC Resource classes!! We are working hard on our goals, while having fun and we are looking forward to seeing what this new month brings us! :

Mrs. Strickland's Pre-K

Pre-K has had a fun and exciting time in October. We had a visit from our fire department and we were able to see Sparky. We learned about pumpkins and we were able to decorate our pumpkins for Halloween. We had such a fun time dressing up for Red Ribbon Week. We really enjoyed walking around the school to show our support on saying No to Drugs! During outside centers, we were able to ride bicycles and play in the sandbox.


Mrs. Branch

During October in Room 105 we have been busy learning all kinds of new things. We continue to learn new letters, sounds and Letter Land characters daily. We continue to work on our kindergarten sight words; our class has one student that knows all of them. Go Mickey! ☺ This month we have had fun learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin and being able to carve a jack- o- lantern. Each student was able to feel the inside of the pumpkin this was met with shrieks of delight. Our class made predictions as to how many seeds were inside as well. LOTS AND LOTS was the common answer we had. We have continued learning about all the various types of spiders and bats that live in our environment with us. One thing we all were amazed at was how the bat will send out a signal to see how close it is to something. We learned that was called echolocation and that bats fly at night and hang upside down. We thought that was a pretty cool thing to do. We are looking forward to what the month of November has in store for us to learn.

Ms. Mack

We have discussed fire prevention and what to do if there is a fire. Sparky and the fire truck came to see us! It was lots of fun learning about Halloween and having a costume parade around the school.
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Mrs. Gibson

Mrs. Gibson's friends went running with the pumpkins! Ask your child what that means!! We painted pumpkins, made scarecrows, and Ms. Pate taught us all about bats! We also learned about Venn diagrams comparing Goldilocks and the Dinosaurs and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We are excited to move to a new classroom on the main hall with a new hi-tech smart board!

Mrs. Jenkins

The Month of October has been spectacular in Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Murray's Kindergarten Class. We've been dancing and having a Pumpkin Good Time as the Kindergarten teachers created their own rendition of a pumpkin patch on the campus of RNES. The students have been learning about bats and spiders. They have had a great time making crafts. We ended this month with a class party. We greatly appreciate the donations of parents. We give special thanks to Mr. Tim Murray and Mr. Raymond Jenkins for the donations given to our classroom, to ensure that our students have afternoon snacks.

Mrs. Bullard

The month of October has been so exciting for room 100 with Mrs. Bullard and Mrs. Revels class. We have learned about fire safety from the fire department of Lumberton. As a group we had our very own onsite pumpkin patch for our kindergarteners with a day of fun activities. Then, we have learned about the life cycle of pumpkins, spiders, and bats. We also celebrated Mrs. Revel’s birthday. As a school wide activity we celebrated with a march of "hats off to be drug free". Our kindergarteners are so eager to learn something new that can help them and others to become Dino- mite dinosaurs.

Ms. Strickland

October has been a very busy month in our Kindergarten classroom! We have been learning how to work in centers with reading and math activities. Students learned about Fire Safety and met Sparky through the Lumberton Fire Department. Kindergarten classes were taught all about the lifecycle of a pumpkin and had an on-site field trip so each student could find and paint their very own pumpkin. Our school had an assembly for all students for Hispanic Heritage Month but our class in particular had a ball dancing with some of the entertainers and learning all about Hispanic dancing! We have had a very educational and fun filled month!

1st Grade

Mrs. Lambert

For the month of October..... It has been a long, busy month.
We have learned about fire safety, Hispanic heritage, bullying, and being drug free. In ELA we have learned all about nouns and read some awesome books.. In math we have learned about part, part, whole and how to solve word problems.... Looking forward to November....

Ms. Mantovani

"We've been doing great in Mrs. Mantovani's class during the month of October. We loved reading and learning about bats and pumpkins. We showed off learning about addition properties and starting to solve word problems. Our class has come together this month to Unite Against Bullying and Say No To Drugs! It's been an exciting month full of learning and laughter!"

Mrs. Hickman

Mrs. Hickman and Mrs. Ivey’s friends have been busy in October. They were excited to be “Drug Free” and march around school chanting about it. The class has enjoyed learning about the life cycle of pumpkins. They were very thrilled to finally carve our classroom pumpkin into our Jack-O-Lantern, “Pumpkin Jack.”

Mr. Chris Hunt

Big and EXCITING THINGS are happening in 1st grade along with Mr. Hunt and Ms. Locklear’s class. We have been writing sentences using capital letters, punctuation along with common, proper, plural and singular nouns. We learned the life cycle of a pumpkin and integrating it with Math we carved a pumpkin to sound seeds by 1s. 2s, 5s, and 10s,. Also in math we are learning to take word problems and make math equations. First grade had a visitor, Sparky the dog and the Lumberton Fire Department to speak on Fire Safety.

Ms. Vargas

In Reading we learned about bats when we read Bath Loves the Night. We also read Pumpkin Jack and we have completed pumpkin activities to learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin. In math we have been finding the missing part using part-part-whole in word problems. In our word problems, we underline what we know, circle what we are trying to find, write a number sentence, and represent our number sentences using pictures! Our class finished identifying types of nouns (person, place, thing, or animal) and we have moved on to identifying proper, common, singular, and plural nouns. We ended the month of October with identifying singular and plural nouns and possessive singular and plural nouns!

Mrs. Clegg

It’s been a busy month for 1st grade! Students have been hard at work learning about nouns and writing sentences. We have also been completing studies of the solar system, bats and pumpkins. In math, we have been building in place value and have started exploring word problems. Big things are happening in 1st grade!

2nd Grade

Mrs. Richardson

2nd grade got the chance to experience "rotations" as they visited each 2nd grade class for a mini lesson. Mrs. Richardson's ELA lesson was cooperative discussions on the story Gruffalo. The students enjoyed the interactive game that allowed them to answer questions about the story and discuss with their group members.
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Ms. Wilkerson

Second grade is leaping into learning in October...thank you Lumberton Fire Dept for your visit and thank you Walmart for bringing Christmas in October, words cannot express my students deep appreciation for the supplies and thank you Godwin Heights Church for “Dino” my students love reading with him! RNES is blessed to have a such a supportive community.
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Mrs. Hunt

2nd grade enjoyed many fun activities during Fire Prevention week. We integrated Fire Safety with various reading and math activities. Our favorite part of Fire Safety week was taking a class picture with Sparky. We want to thank Lumberton FIre Department for all you do for our community!
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Ms. Sampson

We have had quite a busy month in 2nd grade! Our month started off with learning about fire safety. Sparky and his firefighter friends came to visit! They showed us some of the equipment they use to put out a fire. Some of us decided that when we grow up, we want to become firefighters and help others just like them! We also learned a lot about pumpkins from understanding its life cycle to the variety of projects people do with pumpkins once they are ripe. We read “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” and were reminded that it is okay to be different! To wrap up our month, we had fun rotating to other 2nd grade teacher’s classrooms for ELA and Math lessons. The lessons were a review of the curriculum we have learned so far. The most exciting part of our month has been our celebration of Halloween! We enjoyed our parties as well as listening to spooky music while completing our work, playing “Spooky Halloween Scoot” with word problems and saying sight words that were written on eyeballs! What a fun-filled month!
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Ms. Phillips

Our class would like to give a special thank you to Godwin Heights Church for the class-reading buddy. Our class named him Alex. They have enjoyed reading with him. Our class is also enjoying Flashlight Fridays. On Fridays, our students are allowed to pick a partner and a couple of books of their choice. We turn off the lights and the students use the flashlights to read. This gets the students excited about reading.

Ms. Harriger

Ms. Harriger's 2nd Grade had a Spooktacular October. We have had so much fun learning new things. We have worked hard on learning new skills. The class enjoyed learning about how pumpkins grow. We learned about fiction and non-fiction stories. We compared and contrasted the information on the pumpkins in each book. Our class also has been working hard on creating opinion writings. We used the topic of bats. We learned about the writing process. We then got to type our final draft. It has been an educational month!
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3rd Grade

Mrs. Perdue

For the month of October, our class studied the skeletal system in science. The students completed activities in class where they learned how to assemble and label the bones of the body. After students became more familiar with the skeletal system, they were sent home with a skeletal system packet to assemble and label the bones of the body to make a skeleton for a project grade.

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Ms. Watson

This month we learned about figurative language, one of our favorite activities was illustrating the literal meaning of idioms. We also enjoyed our field trip to see Rosie Revere and eating lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. We had a wonderful march around the school for Red Ribbon week.

Mrs. Thompson

In math we learned about arrays in multiplication using candy corn. That was lots of fun to eat your math!!

Mrs. Parker

October was an extremely busy month for 3rd graders. We went on a field trip to view the play Rosie Revere Engineer and out to lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack. The City of Lumberton Firefighters came to visit and discuss fire safety. We viewed cultural dances and dress of Hispanic performers during our Hispanic Heritage Program. We marched in a parade during Red Ribbon Week. Many dressed in Halloween costumes for our Halloween Parade at school. We completed our 1st NC Math Check-In this school year. Whew, many exciting experiences occurred during this month. Even though we had many exciting extras, 3rd grade was on track working extremely hard in class. Chromebooks were utilized to complete math practices problems for our NC Math Check-In. Students used the CUBES strategy to complete multiple step word problems. In ELA we studied Figurative Language, Context Clues, Drama, Poem, and Illustrations. We began reading the chapter book Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. We also studied the Skeletal System. Students completed Skeleton Projects that decorated our halls for Halloween. Third grades are working diligently through their course.

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Mrs. Whitted

October was an exciting month for my students. We have learned many skills this month. One skill we learned was using repeated addition and working with arrays to learn our multiplication. We finished our lesson with a cute and yummy activity using candy corn to practice repeated addition and making arrays.

We also participated in our annual Red Ribbon Week parade to help spread the word of Don't Do Drugs!!!!

Ms. Rogers

What going on in Ms. Rogers Room?

The students started learning the strategies to help them “Understand Multiplication”. They also learned the vocabulary that went along with multiplication. Some of the strategies to use were equal groups, repeated addition, and arrays. In the pictures, the student did a lesson using candy corn to make arrays. The students enjoyed this lesson. But I wonder if the best part was eating the candy corn after completing the assignment. We also enjoyed our annual “Say No to Drugs” walk around the school parade.