Walter Dean Myers



Myers was born in Martinsburg , West Virginia in 1937. He was a foster child. A family adopted him when he was 3 years old. His foster mother died and left the family in trouble. his teachers got him in to reading a lot. He soon got a wife. Then, He went to college at empire state. From then on he was a writer.

Read This!

This book is based on a true event on when Myers moved to Harlem and it tells on why he loves this place

Inspiration , Purpose for Writing

Some of his books were about his childhood most of the books were on him moving to Harlem. His teachers inspired him to read and write more. When he wrote it kept his mind off of his mother.




Where Does the Day go?

Won't Know till I get there


Awards won

Caldecott award

Coretta Scott King award

National Ambassador award

Michael L. Printz award

Career Achievement award

National Book Award Finalist

Newberry Award