Week in a Wink

May 2, 2016


Pledge: Batson


Start F&Ping!!! Grades 1-5


8:00- RTI Grades 4 and 5 in Roth's room (combined since this is the last one)

This is the last RTI meeting for the school year!! Be sure to update PowerRTI for all Tier 2 and 3 students before June 7th, please! See Patti if you need assistance.

3 IEPs during the day so check your invites!

OPEN HOUSE!!!! Have fun celebrating!


Nothing of note....:)


AM and PM IEP Consults Week A

Vicki out at IL Includes Conference in Oak Brook!


Vicki out at IL Includes Conference in Oak Brook!


Townline Science Olympiad Team competes in Arlington Heights!!!! Go Team!!

Fun Calendar Dates!

Sunday (today)- School Principal's Day :)

Monday- Baby Day

Tuesday- Lumpy Rug Day, Paranormal Day and Two Different Colored Shoes Day (you can't make this stuff up people!)

Wednesday- School Nurse Day (let's celebrate Dena and Susan), Petite and Proud Day (Yay!) and Firefighter's Day

Thursday- Password Day

Friday- No Diet Day (where are the cookies?), No Pants Day (yes please wear pants to school), and Beverage Day