DAIS Pathways Explorer Program


What is PEP?

The Pathways Explorer Program at DAIS is designed to offer students a unique opportunity to explore, create, and grow through curricular and non-curricular classes.

The program strives to offer new experiences to students that will contribute to their development within the five pathways of artistic, academic, athletic, community, and STEM.

Within each pathway are three areas of exploration, totaling 15 opportunities.

For detailed information on each pathway,visit http://dallastown.net/cms/lib6/PA01000011/Centricity/Domain/920/PEP%20Program%20Slide.pdf

Student Survey

Beginning on Monday, October 19th, students will begin taking an online student survey to select their top 3 choices for PEP programs. The survey will look like the sample photo below.
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Want more info?

To view the DAIS PEP Brochure, please visit http://dallastown.net/cms/lib6/PA01000011/Centricity/Domain/920/PEP%20Brochure.pdf

For more information on courses, please visit http://dallastown.net/Page/6276