By:Dalton Walker


Then Emperor is Akihito.


They have a population of 127,103,388.


The capital is Tokoyo


Their government is a constitutional monarchy


Their main language is Japanese. Kids in school are required to learn English.


Some sports are soft tennis witch is the same thing as tennis except played with a soft white ball. Some other sports are badminton, table tennis, baseball, basketball and soccer.

Traditional sports

Some traditional sports are Kendo, Judo, Karate and sumo wrestling. Sumo Wrestling is there national and most famous sport in their country. Sumo wrestling is the same thing is normal wrestling except for most of the time in sumo wrestling the people are way bigger. The rules for sumo wrestling is to get the opponent out of the ring or to get any body part except for their feet to touch the ground, then they win.


The culture of japan has evolved greatly over the millennial, from the country's prehistoric period, to its contemporary hybrid culture, which combines influences from North America, Asia and Europe.

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