Switzerland. Ireland. Italy.


Europe is a beautiful continent full of wonderful countries. Switzerland, Ireland, and Italy were the three that really stood out to me when I was told to choose countries to talk about. There are so many things about them that are alike, like there government system. But other topics such as there cultural foods and climates are completely different. Today, you will be taken on a journey all through these three countries, or S.I.I

The Government Type:

Switzerland: Federal Republic

Ireland: Republic, Parliamentary Democracy

Italy: Republic


Switzerland: Didier Burkhalter

Ireland: Prime Minister Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Italy: Prime Minister Enrico Letta

European Union Member???

Switzerland: No

Ireland: Yes

Italy: Yes

Famous Landmark


Switzerland: 7,996,026 people

Ireland: 4,775,982 people

Italy: 61,482,297 people

Main Religion

Switzerland: Roman Catholic

Ireland: Christianity

Italy: Roman Catholic


Switzerland: Swiss Franc

Ireland: Euro

Italy: Euro

Official Language(s):

Switzerland: German, French, Romansh, and Italian

Ireland: English and Irish

Italy: Italian

Cultural Foods

Famous Brands


Switzerland. Ireland. Italy.

By: Morgan Prentiss