Brady Bunch Treasure Hunt

Can you find our hidden treasure?

We've hidden a treasure somewhere at school! Here's how to find it:

1. We recommend using a smartphone and Google Maps.

2. In Google Maps, enter these coordinates: 34.98081,-82.06322.

3. You will see a red pin in the location of the treasure.

4. You will see a blue dot to represent your location.

5. Select walking directions and follow them.

6. If you are taken off of the paved road, you'll need to keep walking in order to match up the blue dot and the red pin.

7. Once the blue dot and the red pin are in the same location on your Google map, you need to look around and see if you spot the treasure!

8. When you find it, follow the directions inside. Don't forget to list your name and the date in the notepad!

9. Please email Mrs. Brady if you find it and let us know what you think!

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The Brady Bunch

We are an awesome group of second graders! We love challenging ourselves and others!