Fable Story

Sarah A. Summers

The Cat & The Mouse

One sunny summer day, the cat was sitting by a mouse in a field. They both greeted each other with a smile. “What are you doing out here on such a hot day?” asked the cat. “Oh, I’m looking for sticks to build my home.” Replied the mouse. “Oh, well then.” Said the cat. “What?” said the mouse in a confused tone? “I live in such luxury compared to you, big house, groomed fur, free food that comes to me whenever I please, big fluffy bed.” Said the cat with pride. “Oh so what, at least I have a good life, good friends, a loving family, a place to sleep, food and water” said the mouse angrily. “I don’t need a life of luxury like you do to be happy!” Exclaimed the mouse. “I’m happy with what I have.” Said the mouse proudly. “Well then, my friend.” Said the cat as he walked away.

Theme: Appreciate what you have.