North America

By: Dan "THE MAN" Hoskins

New Hampshire

Crime: New Hampshire has one of the lowest crime rates. New Hampshire is the number 2 safest places to live in America. New Hamshire also has an extremely good education system. With some of the best education in the country New Hampshire has definately established itself as a high standard for learning in the country. Although our rank has slipped a bit in the passes few years we are still a model for good education in America. Going into more detail the crime in New Hampshire we are the third safest state to live in according to many officials. Although The number of murders, rapes, and burglaries have been steadily going up year after year, they are still no where near the amounts of other states. As for taxes in New Hampshire there are not as many as most states. New Hampshire does not have income tax, they also do not have an individual sales tax. Some of the taxes they have are, inheritence, business, and cosumer taxes.


Canada has had a bit of an issue lately with crime in some places, but for the most part canadien officials have been happy to anounce the apparent decline in crime rates. Most of their crimes are actually property related crimes, in fact almost 50 percent of crime in canada in 2006 was proptery bases. although there are many provinces in canada that are consistently regarded for their lack of crime. Ontario Canada from 2005-2008 was actually the safest place to live in canada. Quebec at that time was also considered a very safe place to live. They are no longer as safe as they once were, but they are still safe. Canada has never been considered one of the best places for education, but they have always had a decent education system. But recently they have fallen out of the top ten ranking for math education. So they have obviously hit a rough patch lately. The taxes in canada that are generally paid are income, goods and services and provincal sales tax. However there taxes are much lower than in most places. Canada is also known for their recreation. They are especially for their hockey playing.

New Jersey

There are a number of different reasons why i want to live in New Jersey when i am older. There are so many great things about New Jersey. I also know that no state is perfect and i know that there are some downfalls to living in New  Jersey just like there are in any other state, but I am willing to overlook all of it. The main reason i want to move to New Jersey is that i have a lot of family down there and i would like to be closer to them. I also go on vacation there with my family every year so i really enjoy being there. I know that New jersey has alot of crime and that it has one of the highest crime rates, but to me that is avery minor detail. The Taxes are also quite high in New Jersey. But again this is something i am willing to overlook. I know that i would enjoy myself a lot better if i were living in New Jersey rather than New Hampshire.