Focus on YOUR GOALS and Manifestation for the New Year!

In this workshop, we will be focusing on SETTING YOUR INTENTIONS FOR CHANGE, Identifying the BIG PICTURE OF YOUR VISION and working with Tools to help you figure out what you want and get there

Take this opportunity to STOP and get centered so that you can review your goals, know what you want and move forward consciously carrying that Vision with you as you move forward every day.

We will be working with the following:

MANTRA/PERSONAL VISION "MANIFESTO" STATEMENT - Everyone will be developing a basic mantra statement that will capture the energy of their vision and goals that you will be able to refer to throughout the night and throughout the ensuing year and sharing it with the group along with your...

GOALS - think about your goals for the year and for your Life. You may want to consider using the format which we will use in the workshop looking at a timeline for what you want to be different and what you'd like to have happen in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

SECONDARY CHANGES - We will be focusing on identifying the secondary changes that will come about when the vision and changes begin to manifest. We will be focusing on creating and capturing the feeling of the new reality as it spreads out throughout these secondary changes that we aren't even anticipating when we think about the primary changes.

PICTURES/VISUALIZATION - before Wednesday you may want to find, take or select photographs or images that are particularly evocative for you. We will share these with the group when we share our goals and concepts. An excellent method is as simple as searching for images on Google by putting in key words and terms that resonate for you. You are bound to find pictures that move you even when you do basic searches. Save them to your phone or tablet or print them out from your computer. Bring them in to share.

MUSIC - If you find it helpful, pick a piece of music or a theme song that embodies the feeling you want to capture for your vision. Bring it in tell us about it. You will be able to refer to it bring back the feeling of your vision to maintain the focus of your energy.

GROUP MEDITATION EXPERIENCE - Together, as a group, we will be doing a meditation in guided sections focused on the visualization of our individual and collective goals and intentions.

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The latest piece in the continuation of our work to remove the blocks in the Process of coming back to the Real Truth Authentic Self we may have left behind long ago


Wednesday, Jan. 15th, 6:45-9pm

550 North Golden Circle Drive

Santa Ana

Workshop Cost: $12.00

(no one will be turned away for lack of funds so not let money prevent you from coming…..we can work it out)


OR email:


JOAN WISE at 949.415.8263