Much Ado about Nothing

By: William Shakespeare

jack johnson--do you remember--lyrics

Do you Remember- Jack Johnson

I chose the song "Do You Remember" by Jack Johnson because this song has a lot to do with marriage and the importance marriage holds. "Do you remember when we first met? I sure do." This line in the song relates to when two people first meet, and how you get to know the person and fall in love with them. "Do you remember when we first moved in together?" Later in the song it talks about moving in together; how a couple makes memories while living together, how they become closer, and how serious the relationship gets. In Much Ado About Nothing, Hero and Claudio get married in no more than a week, and I think that's pretty crazy. They never went through the steps a regular relationship would, like how it's explaining through the song. This song is describing the importance of marriage and even though Hero and Claudio didn't have the typical love story, you can see that marriage is still very important to them.