LISD Visual Art

Winter, 2016 Issue 11: Information and Upcoming Events

Art Advocacy Update

Your Art Advocacy Committee met this week. Here are the highlights:

Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Beth Brockman

We welcomed Dr. Brockman to our meeting. Here are her insights:

  • The MLK artwork at Bolin blew her away. She was very impressed.
  • She is also very impressed with the continuous student art displays at Timbercreek and Bolin. She especially loves talking with the staff, student artists and families about the art.
  • She thanked us for the talent we pull out of our kids.
  • She recognized that we do amazing things every day, and thanked us for bringing art into their buildings.
  • She talked to us about the new teacher evaluation system, and is asking the Art Advocacy Committee for assistance in developing the fourth domain. This is a very exciting time! We are grateful that our administrators realize PDAS did not support the Arts. We are thankful and excited for this opportunity.

LISD Student Art Shows

By now, you should have received emails from your Gallery Committee regarding the specifics of your show. If not, make sure you contact your Art Advocacy rep!

All teachers should plan on attending the Opening of their show. The kids love seeing you there.

Administration will be sent an invitation, but do your part in encouraging your principal to attend. They need to see these amazing Openings and Art Shows.

Upcoming Shows:

Feb. 19-28: MS

March 4-13: HS Art 1

March 18-27: ES, West Zone

April 1-11: ES, East Zone

Important: Art 1 Show, March 4-13

The Art 1 Show is brand new this year! It will follow the guidelines of the Middle School show, as it is non-juried. If you teach High School Art 1, please look out for an email from your committee.

This is for High School Art 1 teachers only. If you teach Art 1 at the Middle School level, you will display at the Middle School show.

It is expected that every HS Art 1 teacher participates in this show. The MCL Grand gave us an additional week for this show, taking a week away from their schedule.

As this is a pilot year, it's a good idea to keep track of what worked and what didn't in order to make possible changes for next year.

LISD High School Show

Here are some highlights, what a great show! Congrats to everyone involved!
Big image

Important info!

We are getting materials! Squeeeeeeeee!

  • Starting 2016-2017, each elementary will receive 6 boxes of clay a year (clay type TBD).

  • MS and HS will receive a dollar amount for a specific purpose (Non-consumable: capital outlay)

Busses for VASE and Jr. VASE will always be paid for by the Fine Arts Dept.

High School reps will be meeting to revisit HS Art Show guidelines.

Topics include:

Creating a juror’s guideline

Creating a program about the juror and their insights

Possibly revising HS guidelines

We are looking at ways HS could donate their used supplies to lower grades, if possible.

  • We need to generate a wish list
  • We would love to bring back the Attic

Art Media Items:

The Art Media items (equipment, books, DVD's, etc...) are currently being housed in Missey's office area, 2nd floor of the Bolin Center. Everything has been packed for Missey's move, so it is unorganized, but accessible, at this time.

Faculty Art Show

We will have our Faculty Art Show at the Bolin Center over the summer, hanging in June. You have 4 months to create an awesome work of art!

Call for Submissions: Lori Rapp's Office

Call for submissions for collaborative student art for a permanent display at Timber Creek Admin, on many walls on the second floor.

Artwork must fit within an 8'X8' wall space, and needs to promote the diverse and high quality of our program. This will be a permanent installation. The art does not have to be framed, but needs to be ready for display.

If interested, please send digital images of the student art to Missey.

Visual Art League

Information about the VAL:

The Visual Art League is Lewisville’s premier arts group with over 65 members and art exhibitions year round in the MCL Grand Theater gallery, hallway, and display case. VAL meets monthly except during the summer in Classroom 3 of the MCL Grand on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM with speakers discussing a wide array of arts topics. Membership is $35 a year for individuals and $25 for educators.

See for more information about VAL.

NEW! Art Display System at Bolin!

We now have a great display system at Bolin (see pictures, below). As you can see, you can hang individual art or pre-hang it on Kraft paper. If you have questions, please email Missey.

We are here for you.

If you have any concerns or ideas regarding the state of Art Ed in LISD, please let us know. We are here to support and help you in any way we can.

Who's Who? Your Committee:


Lynn Luck,

Leslie McReynolds, Communications Chair,

Pam Sewell,

Elizabeth Stroud,

Middle School

Nancy Lawrence,

Alesia Shaw,

Chuck Brouilette,

High School

Nicole Franczvai, Secretary,

Josh Fletcher,

Ross Hines,

Angel Holmes,

Marty Kruk, Chairperson,

Kathy Toews, Superintendent’s Office Art Coordinator,


Missey Head, Coordinator of Fine Arts,

Bill Watson, Director of Fine Arts,

Superintendent's Office Art Show Guidelines (on hold for now)

Superintendent’s Office

Artwork Selection

Rules and Regulations

Drafted: Fall 2014

Artwork/Submitting Artwork:

  • Teachers can submit as many works as they see fit.

  • Number of works selected:

    • 3 - Elementary School

    • 3 - Middle School

    • 3 - High School

  • All work will be submitted electronically to the Superintendent’s Art Show Coordinator (SAS Coordinator).

  • Each image must have:

    • media

    • dimensions/size

    • artist name

    • teacher name

  • The SAS Coordinator will mat, frame, and install all work selected, as well as maintain the show.

    • Framed work or work on canvas will not be framed/reframed, but will hang in existing state.

  • Artwork must be submitted to the SAS Coordinator prior to the following Arts Advocacy meeting dates: May, October, December, March.

The Show

  • Work will be displayed for 9 weeks. New works will be selected and placed in these months: September, November, January and April.

    • Participating Teachers and Students PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to collect before the end of the 9 week time frame. All work selected will be hung for the full 9 weeks; therefore, work in the Superintendents Show is not available for other shows (for example: VASE, LISD District Shows).

  • The show can house up to, but no more than, three 3-D works.

    • The 3-D works must be ready for installation upon delivery to the SAS Coordinator.

Selection of Work

  • The selection committee is made up of 3 or more members of the Arts Advocacy Committee.

  • The process for selecting works will be the “sticky note method”. Each member of the committee will be given a proportional amount of sticky notes and then proceed to vote for their selection in each category (High, Middle, Elementary school).

  • The 3 works in each category that gather the most votes will be the works selected for the show.