Great February and whats to come

GREAT month ladies!

What a great February you all had! My team amazes me everyday. I want to congratulate all who earned my team incentive in February.
PV of $500.00+ and earned the "I Have"tag
~Bridgette Peterson
~Amy Pippin
~Michelle Bermel
~Kim Wysocki
~Emily Thompson
~Brooke Linder
~Dustine Jerde
~Megan Lee
~Valerie Jeffery

PV of $1000.00+ and Earned the "LOVE" tag
~Dustine Jerde
~Megan Lee
~Valerie Jeffery

So happy for all of you for working so hard and achieving your goals!! I will send in the mail as soon as I get them:)

March incentive is all about the Irish Green:

$500.00 in PV earns you the May Birthstone and the 4 leaf clover charm.
$1000.00 in PV earns you the above + the "Good Luck" tag
$1500.00 in PV earns you the above +an Origami Owl hat

Any time you recruit 3 designers in one month you can pick a tag of your choice.

National conference is coming.I hope you will be there. Register by March 15th for the early bird discount!! avaiable in the Back Office now!!

Im Here

Just remember, Im always here if you have any questions or concerns. I want each of you to have a successful business.