Cyber Security

How to keep you information safe

what is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a term that came to use after one of the first registered online viruses called the Morris worm. Cyber Security is a standard that allows organizations to try safe security techniques to stop cyber attacks.

Whys to prevent Cyber attacks on you

  • Make sure your data is backed up encase your are hacked that way you won't lose all your data.
  • Make sure important things like banking and shopping is on a network or device your trust.
  • Don't leave any device unattended for example leaving your phone on a table in a restaurant whilst your family is there it's not safe enough.
  • Practice creating strong passwords they usually consist of numbers, letters, personal stuff and tend to be quite lengthy.
  • Always know what you are downloading or plugging in to your computer.
  • Tell yourself they're out to get you and you only, that way you will have motivation.
  • Keep checking your accounts fairly regularly for any suspicious activity for example purchases on your name that you have no memory of.