Spice up your life and go to lima peru.

Devour your taste buds in Peruvian food!

Well ask yourself, does Lima, Peru have any traditional food? The answer is Yes! They have many traditional food and a lot of them are spicy. They also incorperate a lot of potatoes in their dishes in fact Peru is known as the birth place of potatoes. There are also American food like hot dogs and hamburgers. There is traditional foods but also american foods so come on down and try it.

Memories to be made!

People go the Peru go to museums and they go to see the spectacular Peruvian plays, and if you don't like to be inside you can visit zoos and beaches and soak up in the warm Peruvian sun. Thats why a lot of people go to Lima Peru, so give it a try!

The mesmerizing History of the arts

What is the history of the arts? Well I will tell you Peru's artistic traditions that date back from early 3000 years ago. They do every thing from carving in caves to making jewelry. Lima's architecture dis amazing, some of the best in South America. And the spanish are also good at architecture. There are a lot of history of the arts it is a great experience.

Learning Language

There are some important facts about their language. Spanish is Peru's main language. Spanish is mostly spoken everywhere. Aythara is their traditional language. There are little speakers of Aythara. So they have a normal language and a traditional language. You might want to learn basic spanish before you come to Peru.

Warm Weather?

What is Peru's climate like? And, is it near the equator? Actually it is very close to the equator. It is that and also dry. Bring some T-shirts and shorts, so come on down and enjoy the warm sun!

Landmark loving!

People go to many of Lima's landmarks. I will suggest a few such as going to one of the oldest university in South America and also go to the Amazon River and kayak conoe and people love fishing there also Lima has every neat and interesting land marks so don't forget about them when you come down.


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