Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Planning a Funeral:

Why Eternal Rest Funeral Home?

At Eternal Rest Funeral Home we have the staff to make your funeral planning experience as easy as possible. We provide you with many options to choose from and are flexible in our planning to help make sure that your loved one is honored in the way that he/she deserves. It is our greatest intentions here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home to incorporate the preferences of both the individual and family into the funeral planning, all while considering cultural and economic factors that will contribute to the funeral plans.

Impacts the individual can make on a funeral:

"A funeral service that is both meaningful and memorable should be as unique as the individual being remembered" (Planning, 2015). In order to make your own funeral as meaning and memorable as possible it is improtant to plan ahead. Planning ahead makes it easier to meet the emotional and financial needs of your family (Trends, 2015).

Specifications of Your Funeral:

Here is the part where you need to think about how you want your funeral to be presented to your friends and family. Do you want to be cremated or have an open casket? Do you want your funeral service to be short or long. Who do you want to speak at your funeral? These are just a few of the many things to think about when planning your own funeral and are all things that the staff here at Eternal Rest Funeral Homes can help make happen for you when the time comes.

Family Challenges When Planning a Funeral:

One of the biggest challenges associated with the family planning a funeral is that "decisions need to be made, and usually in a timely manner" (Key, 2015). Along with quick decision makign comes family members and loved ones who often disagree on the terms of the funeral which adds stress and emotions to an already difficult process (Key, 2015). This is where Eternal Rest Funeral Home can step in and help guide you through this tough decision making time. Our experts will listen to the concerns of every family member and attempt to incorporate the ideas of all family members involved in the funeral planning of your loved one.

Eternal Rest staff try to remind the family that without having talked to their loved one in advance about their funeral then it is hard to know“exactly what our loved one would have wanted” at their funeral (Key, 2015). We encourage the family to make decisions that would both honor and represent the life of their family member. Eternal Rest Funeral Home will take the time to explain the funeral process and works hard with families to make their loved one's funeral as memberable and honorable as possible.

Cultural Considerations:

Eternal Rest Funeral Home believes that it is important to incorporate one’s culture into their funeral. Things to think about when trying to plan a culturally competent funeral are:

  • Is there a particular Bible you read from?

  • What verses do you want read at the funeral?

  • Who can handle what roles in the funeral?

  • Are there gender specific roles in the funeral for your culture?

  • Will music be a part of the funeral?

  • Who will be allowed to the funeral?

  • Are there any specific cultural traditions that will be incorporated into the funeral?

    According to the Funeral Source “in most cultural groups and regions, the funeral rituals can be divided into three parts: Visitation, Funeral, and the Burial Service” (Funeral, 2015). Whether the funeral that you are planning will follow include these three parts or a variation of other parts, Eternal Rest Funeral Homes can help to provide you with a cultural friendly funeral that will be sure to honor your loved one.

    Economic Factors of a Funeral:

    Here is a list of things to think about when planning a funeral:

    Cost - How much do you want to spend on your funeral? Eternal Rest Funeral Home will walk you through a step-by-step analysis of how much your funeral will cost based on what you want included into your funeral.

Prepay or No Prepay? - Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home we strongly encourage our customers to plan ahead and pay for some or all of their funeral ahead of time so that your family is not stuck with a huge funeral bill. Eternal Rest Funeral Home is not here to sway your decision on whether or not to prepay for your funeral or to not prepay for your funeral. For more information about prepaying for a burial plot please click on the following link:

The average cost of typical funeral in the U.S. is between $8,000 and $10,000 with the casket being the highest priced item on average at $2,300 (Economics, 2013). It is important to understand the type of funeral that can be achieved with the amount of money available for the funeral. Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Homes we work with a variety of venders to make sure that our prices are reasonable and fair.

Caskets average $2,300 for a typical funeral. It is important to know how much you can spend before looking at the different types of caskets available.