OTI Dropbox Monthly Update

New resources and ideas to hand

February 2014


This is the first monthly update of what is new in Dropbox. The intention of the bulletin will be to highlight the new resources, ideas and suggestions for OTI. I have catalogued the resources from twitter and we are updating the teacher and school information on the resources already in dropbox.

The idea is that when a member of staff within your cohort shares a resources with us to use they will be rewarded with a thank you letter and certificate. Stephanie has a list of staff this will be sent to once the certificate has been finalised. We are hoping the back log will be completed by the middle of March. An email with the permission letter has been sent to you separately. Once signed this needs to be emailed or sent back to either steph@malit.org.uk or wendybrown21@aol.co.uk if a resource, video clip or photo is to be used.

Thank you for completing the survey monkey, amongst the many suggestions, the findings showed the following:

- Most of us have access to Dropbox

- We would like to see more unique and interesting examples

- Alerts about new resources (this should help)

- Early years examples

- Feedback techniques

- Subject specific tarsia's, learning grids, top trumps, living graphs and mysteries

- Breakdown of 'how to for each module'

- Information on celebration events

I will regularly send updates for the new resources in dropbox. The idea I would like to trial is if you have any resources you think were fabulous and could help fill some of the 'gaps' we have highlighted could you add the resources under your name in the 'awaiting approval' file with a small breakdown of what is happening, the teachers name and the school. Thank you.

Happy Half term

Wendy and Steph

New Resources this month

Engagement Resources

Numeracy grids

Code of Practice

Yr 3 Halloween 6x6

Effort Rocket

Adapted 6by6 grid for yr2 descriptive writing

6by6 grid word problems in maths

Adapted 6by6 grid 'casual connectives'

'Magping ideas' leads to collaboration in this yr2 class during

Gifted and Talented Challenged in this mathematical game

Tarsia adaptation - Reception

Feedback cards in class

Great 6x6 grid used in a year 9 Science lesson

Picture incorporated 6x6 grid

Top trumps to peer assess acrylic key-rings feedback DT

6x6 grid for next piece of emotive writing

6by6 grid on B2 enzymes

Nitrogen Cycle Learning Grid

Tarsia – Forces

Relevance to students

Reporters tweet to counteract the arguments

Tarsia used after watching a video to recall and analyse information

Challenge Resources

Curious Boxes

Large Visual organisers – retelling a story

Feedback and Reflection twisters

Challenge and help folders

Yr4 looking to correct teachers mistakes & Q each other as they parachute themselves into the lesson

Wonder/Question Wall

Fishes for challenging questions

WHAT IF Questarium

HOQs presented 2 school Govs & HT 2 challenge their thinking

Question Wall Display

'Blooms dice' used to Q each other and make links between the different deviance's

Summarising pyramid

Working Wall essay plan Prosecution or defence?

PIT example

Hint cards to build autonomy. Only 3 allowed while learners in the Pit

Great Living Graph activity

Addressing Enduring Love in A2 English Lit lesson


somewhere between Homer and Holmes?

Mystery and a simple Graphic Organiser to help Julien pick his options

Spinner and Venn diagram graphic organiser

French Pit - Le Puits.

Start in Dover, try to get to Calais.


'Brain Tubes' (help desk idea)

Mystery - "What should Ruth do?"

Metacognition with a girlie touch

Visual organisers to help shape the girls thoughts

Students choosing their own 'challenge' starting points

Visual Organisers/Intrinsic Motivators relevance

Building learner autonomy by building 'stuckness' routines

Mystery – treasure hunt What have the Romans ever done for us?

"Switch the sheet!" work on Pythagoras then switch, check

Students reaching a consensus – visual organisers

Visual organisers and writing on tables

Parachute and Mystery - a dead Buddhist Monk!!

Living Graph - The role of women in WW1.

What happened to the Harbour Light shop in Boscastle? mystery

Reading challenge

Does the Englishman deserve the job? 1066 and all that BOSC

French statements into A*/A, C or E then personal task


A personalised pit! Vous etes ici-not for long! Learners set own targets & aim high BOSC

‘Magic Work’

FISH feedback

PIT display

Voting Cards

Once the debate is over students decide the 'winning factor'

Yr 7 Team Captains review performance and feedback for a team talk....

Verbal feedback sticker

Exit Cards (feedback) reflecting on where they are and what they still need to do - Exit cards

Early Years - why not have a look and see what's been added!

New folders - Celebration Event

Have you added any resources recently?

Got a few minutes over half term?

Can you add some resources to your folder?

Have you got some unique ideas to share with us?