Angela Merkel

Avery Sugg

Childhood and other People

When she was young, Merkel was part of the Free German Youth. FGY was sponsered by the Socialist Unity Party. Although membership was voluntary, those who did not participate found it impossible to be admitted to higher education. This is what allowed her to go on to a higher education.

Inherent Leadership Elements

Like all good leaders, Merkel needs to have optimism and a good attitude. Things can be difficult and stressful, but with an important job like Merkel's she needs the ability to maintain a positive attitude.

Life Leadership Elements

Leaders have to learn many elements of leadership through experience. One element they either have to learn or get better at is making decisions. She also needs to be able to communicate and learn from new situations. And one of the most important traits is she has to be able to think about others.

Effects On Others

Traits like keeping a positive attitude effect others. They keep other people calm under difficult situations.

Shared Traits

I share a few traits with Angela Merkel. We can both be optimistic under difficult situations. We can both also make decisions when they need to be made. I use these traits now and I will have to use them in the future. I use the ability to make decisions now from choosing what I want for Christmas to what I want to do with my future and how what I do now can affect it.


Her confidence is why I want to be like her. She is able to speak in front of many people, and she is able to communicate with others.


All of these leadership traits allow her to be an effective and successful politician. Sometimes you wont always have a positive attitude and optimism, but you can still be successful.

If I were to become a successful leader, I would need to develop many important traits. I would need to be able to communicate with others more efficiently.