wordpress website designer

wordpress website designer

Wordpress Website Designer

Bring your most daring ideas to life with a professional WordPress website designer If you look for WordPress design and development for your business or personal website, don’t go any further. We’re a team of three freelancers with an extensive experience, aimed to help people use the potential of their websites, make profits and compete on the web. All our products are designed with focus on style, web standards and SEO.

WordPress Design

WordPress changed the way we build websites forever. This stable platform is no longer just for blogging, WordPress makes it possible to build truly dynamic websites without learning code.


Ecommerce has exploded in the last 10 years and is only set to increase massively over the next 5 years. Add ecommerce to your WordPress and harness the potential of selling online.


Keep your WordPress business running smoothly with regular updates of crucial areas: WordPress version, themes, plugins and most importantly, security.

We Build Wicked WordPress Websites

When you are ready to get started simply complete our Quote Form and we will contact you to discuss your website needs. It should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and will help you define for us what your goals are so we can provide suitable solutions and an accurate quote.

Whether you’re starting a new business or need help with your existing WordPress website designer we can help. Our extensive experience means we know what works which saves you time and money in finding affordable web solutions.

How We Can Help You

Domains & Web Hosting

We can help you secure your domain and provide web hosting space if required. If you already have this in place simply request a quote and we can work on creating your wicked WordPress website.

Style Guide

A style guide is the foundation of a good design. We can help you with your logo, and help you choose your website colour palette and recommend complimentary fonts.

Creativity & Collaboration

Now we get to the fun stuff where we get to use our skills and creativity to turn your idea/product/offer into an online business that is easy to use.

Craft Content

Next we create awesome content and refine your target audience so we can tailor your marketing messages to the right people to improve your conversions.

Optimised For Search

We optimise every page and post for search engines as standard, and work with you to define your ideal keywords which also will aid you in your marketing efforts.

3-Months Post-Launch Support

Plus, we will provide you with 3 months free support to ensure a smooth launch and learning phase.