Digital Citizenship

by: Bryson

Digital footprint

People all over the world talk,play,use and alote other stuff. but all the stuff you have ever been on every website,game every thing. so that means bad news because they can pretend to be you. so it can be a really bad thing.

Traffic lights

There are three kind of websites RED YELLOW and GREEN. A red website is a website that is for older kids or adults,talks about stuff that you should not hear. A yellow website is one asking for private information like B-day and name,Email address.A green website ask for no private information,has stuff that is ok to listen to for your age.Green website is the best kind of website.


WWGS means what would grandma say that means if there was a yellow website and you told a adult the adult would say if it is ok to put B-day email address or not. Your grandma would make sure if it is 100 percent safe or not. you should listen to her opinion because she is wiser and smarter. so always think what would grandma do.


In person you could bully...but did you know that you could bully someone online? Well say you rote on someone's FACEBOOK page ''no one likes you!!!'' that is cyber bullying. Don't cyberbully somebody if you have something mean to say don't say it at all. Write nice Comments not bad Comments that is cyberbullying '' making bad and mean comments''.