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Centered in Celebration!

I am floating through this blustery Monday on an emotional high from a wonderful weekend trip back to my alma mater, Virginia Tech! Although the Hokies lost their football game against Maryland, the weekend escape to Blacksburg was a major WIN in my book -- quality time to reconnect with my husband & baby boy, the warm hospitality of my godparents, late night reminiscing, & lots o'wine!

As a yoga teacher, I am regularly encouraging students to intentionally create periodic breaks from routine & consciously slow down enough to take in the fullness of every moment. However, as a wife & mother, I realized this weekend that I had unknowingly fallen into a warp-speed auto-pilot mode of living. Standing at the War Memorial, it dawned on me that although I had spent four years walking back & forth across the Drillfield, it wasn't until this Saturday that I stood long enough & still enough to appreciate the Pylons. Etched onto the stones are the names of Hokies that have died while serving their country & figures that represent the university's core values -- Brotherhood, Honor, Leadership, Sacrifice, Service, Loyalty, Duty, & Ut Prosim ("That I may serve"). It was a powerful moment of perspective to find myself literally surrounded by the qualities at the heart of my daily journey toward becoming my best Self. Thank you, universe. Message received!

With Thanksgiving & Hanukkah now only a week away, Christmas quickly following that, & New Year's peering just around the corner, it can be an especially easy time for all of us (yoga teachers included!) to get swept up in the excitement of the holidays & lose sight of what is really important during this special time of year doesn't have to be!

Take a few minutes to realign your heart with the values (beliefs, ideas, principles, etc...) that keep you centered during times of chaos & celebration. Then, try writing them in dry-erase marker on your bathroom mirror. Write them on fun scrapbook paper & hang them on the fridge. Write them out in a journal. There are a million ways to remind yourself of your heart's highest intentions. Or....

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