Lockport Schools

Winter Concert Schedule

Performances to be held at 6:30PM at Lockport High School

Monday, December 9: Emmet Belknap 6th Grade Chorus Winter Concert

Wednesday, December 11: North Park Winter Chorus Concert

Thursday, December 12: George Southard Winter Concert

Monday, December 16: Emmet Belknap 5th Grade Chorus Winter Concert

Tuesday, December 17: Anna Merritt Winter Concert

Wednesday, December 18: Charles Upson Winter Concert

Thursday, December 19: Lockport High School Instrumental Winter Concert

Tuesday, January 7: North Park Instrumental Winter Concert

Wednesday, January 8: Emmet Belknap Instrumental Winter Concert

Thursday, January 9: Lockport High School Winter Choral Concert

Tuesday, January 14: Roy B. Kelley Winter Concert

Thursday, January 16: District Wide Jazz Concert and Art Show *

*Art Show will take place from 5-6:30 in the Art Gallery