Gun Control

By Elena Schmeling


People all over the country are being seriously injured or killed because of guns. They're a terrible weapon that only hurts things.

Cutting Down on Murders

I think guns should not be sold to any civilians. The only guns in the country should be in the hands of police officers and military people and such. Since I know that can't be done, I propose that anyone who works in in a gun-selling store should give a test to the buyer made by the government to prove that they are sane and not suicidal or murderous.
This will not cut out suicide or murders completely. Nothing can. But it sure will lower the frequency of them.


"There is a lot of talk now about metal detectors and gun control. Both are good things. But they are no more a solution than forks and spoons are a solution to world hunger." says Anna Quindlen.
"I think that people shouldn't be able to have guns at all so they can't go around and kill people." says Aubrey Reynolds. This is exactly what I think! No guns! 3:1 people in Mr. Streng's class agree with the second paragraph in this flyer.

Not Going to Happen

So I think only people like military officers and police and such should get to have guns. It'll save a lot of lives. The only way to stop it is to cut it off. But like I said 'Cutting Down on Murders' it's not going to happen!


So take the test! And prove that you're sane if you want a gun! You shouldn't want guns like a bee wants pollen, anyways. Speaking of bees, bees have the right idea. They don't have guns and they're doing just fine without them, aren't they!? Yes, they are.