Type 2 diabetes

by sui and jasmine

what is it ? and its diet

type 2 diabetes is when your pancreas does not produces any insulin.The insulin that in your body makes does not work as well as it should. your liver also makes to much sugar, when sugar (in glucose) builds up in the blood over time can lead up to serious medical problems .

recommendations for a diabetic diet..

vegetables,fruits,whole grains,fish, beans, non-fat dairy products, poultry, leans, meats and fresh food.

how to monitor your diabetes, how stay fit with your diabetes,biomedical professionals who can help you explain your diabetes

facts to stay on track on top of your diabetes

-glucose meters are the testing strips (which is single use and the monitor its self), the testing strip its a small piece paper that has certain chemicals on it. one layer includes the enzymes glucose oxidase another include potassium ferricyanide. and another layer has to electrons to measure current flow,the glucose monitor measures electrical current running through strip and translates that current into the amount of glucose in the blood.

how to have a fit life as a diabetics (exercising)


-moving around


-riding bikes


-daily exercising

biomedical professions

-nutritionist sets up a meal plan for you, teaches you to count carbohydrates in your food and consults with your doctor (if necessary)

-primary care physician provides lifestyle counseling and alters medication

-clinical researcher explains how diabetics develops, how to

-prevent or reverse diabetes, genetic and environmental factors that play a role