Roman Empire

By: Wesley M.


This project is on the Roman Empire. My first topic is on Rome's early government. My second & third are about war & fighting in the Mediterranean area. In the following paragraphs you will learn about certain spots in Rome's government. After that I'll talk about Roman commanders.

Peroid of Conquest "The Early Republic"

Back then, there were various officials in Rome's government that were called "Magistrates." The top 2 Magistrates were called "Consuls." Rome for most of the time appoints dictators in case of military emergencies. Consuls are chosen by a body (people) called the "Centuriate Assembly." There is a person in the government called the "Roman Senate," it's the most important political body.

The Punic Wars

After 2 centuries of warfare, Rome became a nation of soldiers. Carthaginians warships blocked ships from getting out of the Mediterranean Sea. A Roman Commander was called "Scipio Africanus." This is what 1 Historian called the second Punic War,"A war like no other." Carthage was reduced to a " subject-state."

Winning World Mastery "Conquering Mediterranean World"

Rome was taking over the Mediterranean area. Rome's government was getting put to the test. The land the Roman's conquered was admin. by the Roman Governs. The capital's streets overflowed w/ people in poverty. Scipio Africanus's sons both died by there enemies, Tiberius in 133 BC & Gaius 12 yeras later.


This project helped me learn about Rome's Empire. The first topic taught me about Rome's government. The second topic helped me learn war stratigies. The third topic me learn more about war but also Scipio Africanus's family. This project taught me more about Rome's history.


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